M is Good is proud to announce the hiring of Logan Aldridge as our VP of Organizational Development.

“Today’s announcement is a major milestone for M is Good. Logan is such a blessing to everyone around him and we are very excited to introduce him to our clients.”

Dave Jones – President, M is Good

Logan is passionate about helping others exceed expectations, discover human potential, and pursue the “impossible”. For the past 6 months Logan has been trained and certified in our R7 process and is eager to begin helping our faith based organizations exceed expectations.

Logan Aldridge

About Logan Aldridge

Logan has a B.S. degree in Business Administration with a double concentration in Operations Management and Marketing from UNC Wilmington. He has been a champion of change and exceeding expectations by driving revenue and sales performance with Northwestern Mutual, RedHat, RX Smart Gear, FitAid and Reebok.

He is an accomplished athlete, placing at the top in national wakeboarding, was recognized as an outstanding lacrosse player, and participates in snowboarding competitions as a member of Adaptive Action Sports team, and a champion within the Crossfit Community as a sponsored Reebok and FitAid Athlete. He is also a respected motivational speaker among business and community leaders who recognize his unique ability to inspire and educate people and organizations. In the coming weeks he will be reaching out to set up a time to take you to lunch.


We hired Logan because:

  • He is an accountable man of God
  • He exceeds organizational expectations
  • He is a champion with great workflow and commitment to excellence

According to Agile talent by Marshall Goldsmith, when outsourcing or hiring a champion, organizations are 77% more likely to increase expectations and increase customer and donor moral. Marshall also illustrates that finding great talent to communicate your overall vision, mission and core values are making stronger demands on executives.

“The R7 process is a great tool that will help organizational leaders exceed expectations and I am honored to be part of such a great company with a great set of beliefs and values, I couldn’t be more excited.”

Logan Aldridge.

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