M is Good was founded in 2001 with a focus on media buying strategy and web design. Over the years, we have expanded more into digital marketing and SEO services. As part of our Search Engine Optimization services, we work from a proven toolkit of ever-changing techniques and strategies that perform overtime to improve search engine rankings for clients based on their target keywords. These include search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Bing, and other lesser-known search engines with a focus on Google.


Our SEO services are custom tailored to match your industry, business, and customers. Every business is different and so is every SEO client. Your industry and goals will determine which keywords you need to target to successfully grow your business.

The first step in optimizing a site is figuring out how customers in your industry find the services or products you offer. Are these people who are unaware that they have a problem that your product solves?

Is this customer already in the marketing for the solution to their problem and are just researching possible options to compare before purchasing?

Customer awareness and intent are huge because it affects the way they use the search engine. The keywords they type will determine what websites Google and other search engines show the user. Google wants to make sure that it shows off the best sites that match the user’s needs and so they also want to make sure their process is optimized.

Search Engine is an art and a science, but by taking into account the above considerations we are able to work together with you to find a group of keywords that would best suit your potential customers and to make sure that we get your business or organization in front of them.


Complete SEO Site Audit – We have a standardized process that we go through for each client for SEO and the first step in any search engine optimization journey is the site audit. A site audit is important because it lets us know where your website currently stands and helps you see the errors, warnings, and possible notifications that could be negatively impacting your site’s rankings. With over 200 different ranking factors, it can be easy to feel overwhelmed with everything that needs to be fixed or updated but we tackle it by prioritizing low-hanging fruit and taking care of the more important fixes first. We recommend doing a complete SEO Site Audit at the beginning of any SEO work as well as quarterly, or every 3 months, after that to make sure that any NEW or UPDATED content is optimized and with updates occurring and rules changing weekly, you want to make sure your site is always SEO friendly.

Keyword Research – One of the three pillars of SEO is your content or target keywords. Google takes a guess as to what the context of your webpage is and ranks it based on the keywords that best describe it. The science and art behind SEO are what helps us tell Google what our webpage is about and the target keywords that we want to rank for are. Then we optimize the web page and website as much as possible to get as high a ranking for those keywords as possible. Once you rank top 3 or first page for your target keywords, your business will see a huge increase in traffic from Google and other search engines. We also want to make sure that every main page on the website has it’s own unique target keyword group so as to avoid duplicate work or keyword “cannibalization”, as it’s called.

Technical SEO – Technical SEO encompasses everything that happens behind the scenes that most people will not notice. There are two major areas of technical SEO: on-page SEO or what is visible to the user, and off-page SEO or what is not visible but still important. Off-Page SEO includes things like sitemap submissions to Webmaster tools, crawl budget (how many times Google’s scans your site), your website’s architecture or organization, page load speed, robots.txt and more. On-Page SEO covers everything from the number of words, keyword ratios, LSI (or synonyms of target keywords), URL, title tags and meta descriptions, and much, much more. It is important to have all your technical SEO as optimized as possible as this will have a great impact on your rankings.

Content Optimization Strategies – We help you optimize your current content and any future content that you/we post on your site. From On-Page SEO to ranking for featured snippets, there are numerous things that can be done to the content on your website to help improve rankings and getting more visitors overall. The process for content creation and optimization is different for each client and each industry but we work with you to create a strategic plan on how to move forward and which areas of content to focus on. Different types of content can range from your major pages such as your homepage, about page, etc. You then have your product pages (if you are an e-commerce store), or service pages (for service-based businesses). Finally, you have your blog page and individual blog posts to help rank for extra keywords outside of your major pages. Having a content strategy helps get the entire team on the same page and have efforts going towards the more important topics off the bat.

User Experience (RankBrain) – RankBran is one of the newer sides of SEO and one of the least understood. With some of the last updates from Google, they have started putting a larger emphasis on how users interact with your website when they come from Google. They are now taking into account if a user clicks on your website on Google and ends up leaving quickly or if they stay and browse more pages. This is both a blessing and a curse for most SEO agencies because now SEO optimizations aren’t enough. Now Google can tell if your website should really be ranking on the first page based on how users interact with your site rather than artificially boosted websites. We use specific strategies to make sure that users that come to your website find what they are looking for and have a great experience while browsing.

Monthly Reporting – Doing the work every month isn’t enough if you aren’t sure what is working and what isn’t. We do monthly reporting and tracking for this very reason and share out a monthly SEO report. This helps us analyze the traffic for the month, any improvements or drops in rankings, and the overall plan of action moving forward. Being able to analyze data is so important in improving your SEO rankings that any agency that doesn’t do this should set off red flags. At M is Good, we are confident enough in being able to provide results for your company or organization that we don’t mind doing monthly reporting. One thing to keep in mind is that SEO does take time to take effect. You won’t see results immediately but over the long run, the benefits are exponential.


If your organization or company are looking for a successful SEO agency, then use the contact form below and let us know. We would be more than glad to do an SEO Audit of your current website and see in what areas we could help you improve. There might be some quick and easy wins or it may be a longer-term game, but either way, we will make sure that you get the most bang for your buck.

Our strategies have worked across multiple industries and niches, so we know how to get you to rank for your target keywords, no matter the market.

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