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Pro 3:5 Case Study

Pro 3:5 Sports Academy creates an environment where athletes of all ages and all skill levels are developing physical skills and abilities along with key life skills. They serve over 1,000 kids and athletes through the Triangle region. Pro 3:5 Sports Academy is a well-respected company, known for excellence in athletic training as well as the character and Christian life values instilled in the young athletes they serve.



As a sports training and camp facility, Pro 3:5 lacked a unified marketing strategy to reach a new audience of families and athletes. The team was not seeing much return on the internal marketing efforts, lacking enough internal manpower to build a comprehensive plan. The company also struggled with building both their summer camps and athletic training efforts, lacking a clear distinction between the two, within their larger vision and mission. Pro 3:5 wanted to grow their camp after school and summer camp registrations as well as provide a clear opportunity for athletes at all levels to come and train in their sport-specific camps. The M is Good team worked alongside Chad at Pro 3:5 to uncover the following challenges:

  • Need for a comprehensive marketing funnel to generate new leads
  • Need for new visual branding and updated website
  • Lack of strong reporting/analytics to track conversions
  • Poor to non-existent SEO
  • Digital advertising was poor and unoptimized
  • Unclear vision and mission that communicated their overall business values while giving structure for their individual offers.
  • Sitewide hack had destroyed their SEO and their pages were ranking for the wrong keywords.
  • Pro 3:5 was blacklisted by Google (not allowed to appear in searches)



After discovering these challenges and problems, M is Good laid out a plan and process to move forward with Pro 3:5 and presented its findings with the following recommended solutions:

  • Clearly define company goals and message
  • Update the website, with a focus on segmenting the summer camp/afterschool programs from the athlete training and development programs
  • Implement Facebook Ads to increase digital presence and discover new customers
  • Update email marketing strategy and provide consistent, clear communication to existing customers
  • Implement accurate tracking and analytics to gather enough data to make informed future marketing decisions
  • Perform an SEO technical audit for errors and implement SEO best practices to remove Pro 3:5 from Google’s blacklist. They then began ranking for their target keywords.

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M is Good started the marketing efforts with a heavy focus on digital advertising and email marketing to capture new leads for the coming summer camp season. This included creating targeted landing pages, researching their target audience, and writing new ad messaging, specific to their audience’s needs and desires.

We implemented site-wide tracking and analytics that provided us with conversion data from social, organic, referral and direct traffic. This tracking was implemented across multiple domains since the checkout process itself occurred on a different platform. Implementing monthly and quarterly tracking provided the necessary data to make informed decisions on the marketing direction. By evaluating and optimizing our Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) and bottom line numbers like revenue and conversions, engagement and new site traffic began to increase.

M is Good worked closely with Pro 3:5 to implement a new site design for their home page and individual service pages. This included adding sport specific pages for their new athletic training academy business arm, along with redesigning the home page to provide a better conversion optimized page. User engagement improved greatly and the site was now responsive, meaning it was operational on all device types.


Our Vision

“Impacting kids for Christ through sports, all over the world.”

Our Mission

  1. We provide a healthy Christian environment for track out camps (Athletic Development)
  2. We demonstrate Christ’s characteristics while working with youth in sports (Teaching)
  3. We send sports equipment to missionaries around the world (Reaching)
  4. We help all kids become better athletes (Athletic Development)
  5. We help all ages with Athletic Development (Athletic Development)
  6. We show the love of our savior through our daily interactions with our staff and athletes (Love/Caring/Nurturing)
  7. Every day we take the time to nurture our athletes (Nurturing)
  8. We provide a fun environment to celebrate
pro 3:5
Example Facebook Ad
Audience based value propositions
building character through sports
Clear Call To Action Buttons
pro 3:5
Old Home Page
Ad Landing Page Example
Clear and easy to understand pricing model
Customer testimonials


Due to Pro 3:5’s partnership with M is Good, they saw tremendous growth in their summer camp programs, site traffic, and athlete training academy. The clarity of their varying services/offers created a clear funnel for customers.


Increase in summer camp revenue compared to the previous year


Increase in value of social media traffic


Average return on Facebook summer camp ads


  • Improved customer experience with site restructure
  • Provided clarity of the company’s vision, core values, and direction allowing the owners to focus on growth without sacrificing the culture
  • Successfully created and implemented digital marketing campaigns to reach new customers in the target market
  • Created a unified and cohesive visual identity of both camp and athletic training services
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