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M is Good was founded in 2001 with a focus on media buying strategy and web design. Over the years we have expanded more into digital marketing. Our core services include business consulting, brand strategy, digital marketing, paid advertising, social media marketing, video production, web development, and graphic design.

We build to help you grow.

Our tailored web design services are built around the goal of helping you and your business or organization grow. We work alongside you to create tailored designs, powerful content, effective UX (user experience), and optimize points in your customer’s journey so your business can grow.

Our goal is to help you explain what you/your products offer to your customers in the most precise and effective way possible. The easier it is for your customers to understand you and realize their need for your service/product, the better the experience is for them and the more leads and sales you will get overtime.

It’s a process that takes time, but M is Good has successfully done this time and time again, in a wide variety of industries across the world and has proven strategies that provide trackable growth and results.

We are a one-stop agency for our client’s ever-changing marketing needs. Our team brings over 60 combined years of social media marketing, branding, graphic design, web development, digital marketing, and web design experience.

We are are dedicated to serving each client as a long-term partner.


WordPress Development

– With over 20 years of combined experience in working with WordPress, we have developed on all levels of themes and designs. We provide user-friendly, responsive content using the number one content management system on the web to give you complete control over your website.

We take full advantage of the vast sea of plugins, themes, and configurations to create a unique website that gets your message across to your clients in the best way possible. Whether you are an e-commerce business or a local service-based franchise, we are here to make sure that your site matches the high quality and level of work that you provide your customers.

WooCommerce Specialized

– We work with many online businesses that sell products, digital and physical, and use WooCommerce alongside our WordPress websites to provide the best e-Commerce experience possible to your customers. This allows us to use many different payment processors such as, Paypal, Stripe, Square, and many more. As with WordPress, WooCommerce comes with a variety of options and add-ons that augment its functionality providing an almost infinite amount of options to choose from.

Search Engine Optimization

– SEO and Organic traffic are key in any business and are the foundation for a successful, healthy, long-term business. With every site that we build and design, we always use the latest SEO techniques that are allowed from all the major search engines like Google, Yahoo, and more to make sure that you rank as high as possible for specific keywords that your customers are using to find your service or product online. We have proven strategies and techniques that cover the three main focuses of SEO: Content and Keywords, Backlinks, and RankBrain (or user interaction and experience with your website). No one can guarantee you that number 1 spot for that important keyword in your industry but we can promise you that we have taken many other clients beyond their expectations and provided exponential growth after implementing our strategies with their websites.

Another key ingredient in SEO is new and relevant content. We work with you to plan out a content schedule and decide how we will curate or create the content necessary to fulfill the content schedule. Search engines love new content on a website and this helps exponentially grow the number of keywords that your website ranks for.

Paid Advertising

– We have a team of successful advertising managers experienced in Google Ads, Google Display, Facebook and Instagram Advertising, Twitter Advertising, and LinkedIn Ads. We use whichever platform will provide the highest return on investment (ROI) for the goals that you have in mind. We work with you to set specific KPIs (trackable goals and goal posts) and work backward to make sure that our strategies and efforts are providing the most bang for your buck. Some of our clients have seen double digits ROI and massive drops in cost per lead after a few months of our optimizations and management.


– We also work with Shopify stores and themes and have built and managed over a dozen Shopify websites over the years. As one of the fastest growing e-commerce content management systems out there, it has become one of the more popular options for an online store. It’s turnkey style setup and simple theme and app add-ons make Shopify a very desirable option for e-commerce. There are limitations that must be taken into account and so before deciding on which option to go with we consult with you and base our recommendation on your future goals. We want to make sure that your website will still be something you are proud of 5 or 10 years down the road.

Marketing Automation

– We have experience working with most marketing automation software from InfusionSoft to ActiveCampaign and other similar software companies. There are different styles of marketing automation and some cover more areas than others but the important part is that it makes sense for your process. We want to provide an automated funnel or journey that your potential customers can take to receive your product or service with the least amount of manual work as possible. This can be anything from automated signup with specific trigger emails at certain times to marketing attribution and tracking how a user interacts with your website to determine what information to provide to them that would best fit their needs. This is one place where one size does not fit all and making sure that we tailor your solution specific to your brand and goals is key to making marketing automation work in the long run.

Web Design Consulting That Helps Convert Visitors

We employ a solution-focused consulting model for helping clients and organizations achieve their vision, mission, and core values, in order to maximize productivity and the bottom line.

Goals and vision are both unique and essential to each client – our custom approach to Web Design creates a strong foundation for connection between you and users of your website.

M is Good‘s solution-focused web design assumes a collaborative approach with clients, in contrast to the educative stance that is typically associated with most traditional consulting models.

If clients are involved in the design process from beginning to end, the chances are significantly increased that the results of their marketing efforts will be successful.

Let’s create a website that grows your business.

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