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Why You Need SEO

In the marketplace, people want to buy goods and services to help make their lives easier and more enjoyable. In the digital marketplace, these same things apply; they just happen a little faster. The invention of Google has made it easier for these needs to be met via websites, videos, and shopping.

However, not every product is created equal in the digital marketplace, and people want to know what is best, and they want to know as fast as possible. That is where search engine optimization (SEO) is needed. There are different ways that you can rank on Google with the content that you have.

Even so, Google is very selective when it comes to ranking what is considered “good content.” Elements like Rankbrain and keyword density and backlinks help Google determine what content is valuable and useful for its users. At M is Good, we have developed strong SEO practices that we have implemented in our clients’ sites so we can:

  • Increase Brand Awareness
  • Higher Google Rankings
  • More Visibility on local search
  • More Organic Traffic
  • And More Leads
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Our Results

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SEO Services We Offer

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Organic Traffic

Organic Traffic is the lifeblood to any successful website and business for that matter. Its made up of people who use google search and click on your website. And the best part is  it’s free. We can help direct traffic to your site from google search by providing snippets and schema markup to help septreate your brand from your competitors

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Paid Traffic

With Google Ads, we can promote your website on Google search with keywords you want to show up for, to help boost traffic to your site. We can also put these ads on other high visibility websites to further drive targeted traffic to your site.


On-Page SEO

With things like “H1 tags” and “markup schema” and “mobile indexing,” SEO can feel confusing and become time-consuming. However, structuring your content in this manner on your website helps Google crawl your website better. This means that it is more likely that Google will rank your site higher on your specified keywords. We provide services that help you take out the guesswork of SEO and get you to rank higher on Google.


Keyword Tracking

Keywords are what we use to search the topics we want to know on Google. We research and provide different keywords so that your website can be better optimized. We can track these keywords on your site, and you can see your progress of the months on google search. By monitoring and improving your keywords, you can also enhance your paid traffic results. The better the keyword, the more leads we can generate for you.

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Monthly Reporting

We will provide insight and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to help show and increase the growth of your online presence in a month to month constient manner. We also provide insight on your competition so we can adjust your plan to increase your brand awareness.


Content Marketing

We can promote your blog or your service with other trustworthy sites to help boost your authority on Google search. We can do this my sending your content through social media such as Facebook or Instagram  or connecting Google ads display network to help increase your brand visibility.

Other Benefits of SEO

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