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Each step of an organization’s journey to growth [and success] can be daunting. In today’s world, the demand for strategic marketing, branding, identity, responsive web design, content marketing and the all-competitive world of SEO, work to derail your original vision.

We’re M is Good, a full-service Christian Marketing & Advertising Agency, and we’ve walked this journey many times before. We’ve learned the pitfalls and failures, the dead-ends and hazards, what doesn’t work and what does, all so you don’t have to. Our combined expertise in organizational health, organizational development, marketing and branding, provides a stable foundation to build your vision into reality.



We’ve developed a 7 step journey to help transform your organization’s vision into reality. (R7) is a guiding light for your organization’s overall branding, identity, marketing, and communication.

Learn about each (R7) step below (click each name)

Step 1 :: Destiny


Embrace your DNA as your Destiny.

Every organization has its own DNA, and we believe that’s what drives their destiny. We begin by discovering what makes you great. Scientists say unraveling one’s DNA would take us to the sun and back over 200 times. We can do it with a few meetings and without sun-block.

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Step 2 :: Vision


A Clearly Written Image of your Future.

It’s more than just seeing clearly. It’s having a clearly written image of your future. Habakkuk 2:3 says, “make your vision plain, so that a runner running by will be able to read it and take it with them.” Is your vision easy to understand and remember?

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Step 3 :: Strategy


Formulate a Strategic Plan of Action.

At this point, we know who you are and where you’re going. Now what? We help you construct your very own GPS, by charting a destination — a desired outcome. But we keep it simple, so you and your organization knows what needs to happen and when.

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Step 4 :: Brand


Build your Brand Through All Touch Points.

Here, we help you define your brand’s personality. What it looks like, smells like, feels like, and sounds like. We make sure your DNA and your vision is integrated into all your touch points. So when people bump into you, there’s no confusion about why you do what you do.

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Step 5 :: Communicate


Communicate the Vision Through Marketing.

We pick the best method and medium for communicating your vision. Not all visions are alike, so not all marketing is alike. We help lift your voice in a marketplace where individuals are bombarded with over 15,000 messages a day. Don’t get noticed, get remembered.

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Step 6 :: Think


Reflect on All Steps. Make Adjustments.

“Everyone has a plan, until we get punched in the face,” says heavyweight champ Mike Tyson. Launching your marketing campaign is just the beginning. The marketplace is always changing and staying flexible allows us to adapt and make the right adjustments.

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Step 7 :: Action


Always Move Forward. Never Stop.

At this point, you’ve got a vision, strategy, branding, marketing, and God Almighty in your corner. But nothing happens, if you don’t make a move. The best step is taking a step. So begin that journey, on the pathway to your destiny.

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Henderson Properties

Henderson Properties

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Audacity Factory



Kingdom Meditation

Kingdom Meditation

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Five Hole Sports

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Hope Reins

Hope Reins


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(here’s what others are saying)

If there’s one thing I can’t stand it’s a bunch of touchy, feely, self-actualization bunk. Well, Dave and MisGood are surely not that. Though they do help you uncover new and uncommon insights about yourself, it is done in a respectful, rigorous and systematic way.

Joe Schmidt, Founder | Canvas On Demand & Audacity

The biggest impact for me through this process was just having clarity and being able to have focus and priority and be much more productive in areas that really mattered.

Troy Henry, Owner | PureMix

I want to thank Dave Jones with MisGood for taking me through the (R7) process. He helped me realize my passions and create my vision around those passions using my personality strengths while at the same time knowing how to avoid letting my tendencies slow my progress towards success.

Jesse Boulerice, Former Player | Carolina Hurricanes

When I was introduced to (R7), it seemed as if it was designed specifically for me. I quickly learned what I was truly passionate about and how to develop a PLAN, which was a word I rarely used. This plan has been my guide and has been a pillar in building a very successful company, launching 3 offices and doubling our staff in less than 2 years.

Drew Janes, President | Relentless Media & Defy

“The Reset Agency is an invaluable resource for our leadership– helping us focus and execute during a period of rapid growth and change. I highly recommend Reset as a partner to unlock the full potential in your people and your organization.”

Jon Jordan, Founder & CEO | Atlantic

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