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For over a fifteen years, M is Good has offered web hosting, while specializing in branding, strategy, web design and seo services to over 450 Christian clients worldwide. Our core services include consulting, brand strategy, web hosting, web design and SEO, and SMO marketing and advertising campaigns, social media marketing, and graphic design.

Our Consulting Model

M is Good Agency employs a solution-focused consulting model for helping clients and organizations achieve their vision, mission, and core values, in order to maximize productivity and the bottom line. In today’s climate web hosting, design and SEO has to be done right with the right spirit but also have the right look and feel to attract believers and non believers. We know the right recipe and are experts in the field. Understanding the right vision is unique to each client and are constructed by the client, to create a better future. A lack of clarity regarding client preferences, vision, goals, and desired outcomes can result in a rift between the coach and the client.

M is Good solution-focused consulting assumes a collaborative approach with clients, in contrast to the educative stance that is typically associated with most traditional consulting models. If clients are involved in the consulting process from beginning to end, the chances are significantly increased that results of their Christian advertising services will be successful. The right web design and SEO formula will assist in growing the Kingdom of God.

Our Approach to Web Hosting

We’ve built our hosting experience around caring for you and your organization or church. Passionate about transparency, accountability, and hard-work, we work with you to meet your specific needs and maintain your storage space.

Keeping up with technology presents a challenge for all of us. We work to keep your storage space neat and tidy with proper software and security updates. Along with this, we take care of the following (and more):

  • Manage your data use and bandwidth, so you don’t have to worry about your site crashing from over use
  • Update your MX records, modify DNS, and schedule requested or automated backups
  • Modify cPanel on your behalf, so you can rest knowing it’s taken care of

If you’re searching for web hosting, get expert help, done under budget and on time. It’s what we do. Contact M is Good today.

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