Case Study



Chimneys Plus struggled to market their chimneys and gutters services as a unified brand. M is Good helped uncovered the following problems and challenges:

• Lack of Clear Site Messaging
• Outdated Brand Design
• Weak Decision-Making Data
• Poor to Non-Existent SEO

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The company also struggled with confused goals and direction due to the lack of a clear, unifying message. Their story needed to be invigorated. Chimneys Plus wanted to grow their presence in Wake County and decided that this new stage of business growth required a fresh, new marketing partnership. Chimneys Plus researched a few options and came across M is Good. M is Good engaged in long conversations with Chimneys Plus owners and staff members and conducted surveys.



M is Good created a strategic plan to strengthen the Chimneys Plus brand and marketing and presented its findings with the following recommended solutions:

• Clearly define company goals and message
• Update visual brand with a new logo and website, with a focus
on combining the Chimney and Gutters sides of the businesses
into one cohesive unit in the eyes of employees and customers
• Update digital marketing techniques, including a new approach
to paid advertising
• Implement accurate tracking and analytics to gather enough
data to make informed future marketing decisions

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M is Good went straight to work to craft a clear message to truly capture the DNA of Chimneys Plus. Having a clearly defined message and direction helped align the team to the company’s goals, creating a more invigorated and excited team ready to engage with their customer base in informed and respectful ways. Once the core message was defined, the visual brand was redesigned to express the Chimneys Plus brand in a clear, unified, and modern way. This included a new logo and website design, new newsletter formats, and new truck wraps to match the updated branding.

M is Good reviewed the current advertising spend used on Adwords and decided to revamp the entire structure. We implemented accurate tracking throughout the entire marketing funnel to track a lead from start to finish. Implementing monthly and weekly analytics tracking enabled us to see the story behind the numbers and optimize our marketing efforts in the areas that were providing the most return on investment while removing the things that weren’t working.

Chimneys Plus and M is Good worked together closely to craft a voice that represented the owners of Chimneys Plus and the friendly, neighborly way that is the hallmark of Chimneys Plus’ customer service. We were able to take the company’s voice and use it across their email newsletters, print material, online digital presence on social media and their website.


Our Mission

“To build exceptional and enduring value into homes, lives, and communities.”

Our Method

“We endeavor to be the leader in the comprehensive rain gutter and hearth appliance services in the Triangle area with our commitment to honor all with excellence.”


During Chimneys Plus’s partnership with M is Good, they have experienced their most profitable stretch in the last ten years. The clarity of their message has created a robust team within the company, which has contributed to greater success. Chimneys Plus has seen increased excitement both within their team internally and in their clients’ response. They have seen an amazing 300 – 600% increase in trackable leads from the end of 2016 to 2019.



Increase in qualified leads due to account optimizations


Increase in SEO (organic) traffic from 2017 to 2019


Increase in total leads from 2016 to 2018


• Improved employee engagement
• Increased customer satisfaction
• Increased clarity of company vision
• Unified visual identity of fireplace and
gutter services across all touch-points
• Modernized company image and brand
• Reached new target markets through
digital and traditional marketing efforts.

“I have worked for and with a few agencies in my career. M is Good is the real deal. They understand how to attract new customers via traditional and digital market platforms. More importantly, they know how to aggregate data to ensure that both of these forms of marketing are working together towards a common goal. Where other agencies would pitch ideas that would be better for the agencies bottom line, M is Good always puts our interests in the front. We always feel like they are treating our team like we are their top customer. I cannot say enough good things about this group of talented marketers. Looking forward to many years of collaboration with this highly effective agency.”

– Luke Gendron, Head of Marketing and Sales, Chimneys Plus