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vision wins

Vision Wins

Join Kelly and Elliott as they navigate their hockey careers, build their sense of purpose, and learn life-long lessons.

“Wherever you are in life, and no matter what work you do, your path will be only as strong as your vision”

Glen WesleyFormer NHL and 2006 Stanley Cup Winner with the Carolina Hurricanes

“Dave really inspired me with the book! I loved the story of Kelly and Elliot, their faith walk and how vision can win when you apply it to your life. A must read for Coaches Athletes and all believers”

Rick RandazzoFounder of FCA Hockey

"Dave is following in the masters’ footsteps, using an engaging story of two young athletes and their mentors to teach important lessons about life and faith”

Brian DenchFCA Board Member

“I have seen first hand how important Vision and how having a plan is essential for winning. It took me less than 4 hours to read this book, I couldn’t put it down. I was inspired by the principles of R7 and goes to show how a simple process can make such a big impact in your personal life and business”

Ron KuhlFounder of the Hockey Hut

“This book was very inspirational to me, I really loved the mental toughness aspect for our athletes but also think it was an outstanding book for people looking for the next phase of their lives, everyone between the ages of 25-40 should read this book”

Kirk HandyLiberty University Head Coach and AD for Club Sports

"I’m always looking for well-written business books that share how to better infuse my Christian principles into my day to day work. Vision Wins was just the read for that! As a hockey fan, I loved the story and while each character was special, I really loved the strength shown by Kelly in her support of Elliott. Be warned! You won’t know what’s coming as you follow Kelly and Elliott’s R7 journey, but prepare to be moved and motivated to bring to life your God-given vision.”

Bailey EldridgeServevita Holdings Managing Director

“As a former collegiate hockey player, I was inspired by the book and how simple R7 can impact your life and give you direction for the next phase of sporting and personal career”

Josh HamiltonFormer Liberty Hockey Player

Dave Jones Vision Wins

About the Author


Dave Jones grew up in Western Pennsylvania and spent most of his early childhood and adult life in and out of hockey rinks around the world. His love and skill for hockey led to a professional career in Europe, including Luxemburg, Russia, Slovakia, Switzerland, and Germany.

For over 13 years, Dave has worked with NHL, NFL, Track and Field, and Crossfit athletes with their mental preparation, and hundreds of organizational leaders and executives around the world. Dave’s personal vision is to unify excellence in the marketplace. He has founded 4 thriving companies in the Raleigh, North Carolina community. Dave holds a Bachelor’s in Management Studies from the University of Maryland, a Master’s Degree in Counseling Sports Psychology, and is pursuing his Educational Doctorate in Sport and Performance Psychology. Along with his executive duties at M is Good, Dave Jones is a sports consultant who coaches CEOs, executives, and professional athletes to help achieve their vision through mental skills training and enhanced thought-blocking techniques. In business, he works with organization leaders on strategy, communication, and managing the gaps between employees and management.

As a thought leader and highly motivated individual, Dave engages executive teams by consulting on analytics, oversight of talent initiatives, and one-on-one coaching. He helps leaders improve the effectiveness of their organizations, by utilizing practices such as strategic planning, mental skills training, organizational assessment, and team interventions.
Dave has founded 4 thriving companies in the Raleigh, North Carolina community. Raleigh is also where Dave, his wife, and their two teenage boys call home.

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