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jd tree pros

J & D Tree Pros was a small family-owned tree removal service based out of Cary, North Carolina which provided tree removal utilizing cranes throughout Eastern North Carolina. At the time, the company employed 9 full-time employees and was interested increasing market share.


The Problem

J & D Tree Pros was a small “mom & pop” business that had relative and immediate success with the purchase of a large crane. The three owners seeing the market potential hired the M is Good to develop a growth strategy for increasing market share.

M is Good consultants facilitated interviews with all the owners and gained feedback from key employees. In addition, M is Good also conducted a feedback survey with J & D Tree Pro’s existing client base. M is Good uncovered the following problems and challenges:

• Customers concerned about the impact of cranes on property
• Customers perceived the company as being “too redneck” and “unprofessional”
• Average employee engagement
• Unclear branding and marketing message

The Solution

After facilitating interviews and conducting primary research, M is Good presented its findings with the recommended solutions:

• Clearly defined brand promise that effectively communicates the unique benefit
• Clearly defined communication strategy that drives the company’s brand promise
• A strong visually and unified branding through all touch points

Based on the customer feedback survey, a brand promise was crafted and refined. From this, M is Good developed a brand identity that visually reflected their brand promise through all the primary touch points.

M is Good then developed a 18-month campaign that drove the brand promise and helped illustrate what the company stood for and why customers should choose them over larger franchises and online retailers.

The Results

Today there is a clear strategy for the market and demographic the company should be targeting. The brand promise is now articulated consistently throughout all touchpoints. Employees are more engaged which increased staff retention and quality of customer service.

Brand Promise

Low Impact Tree Removal Service

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