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Vardy Human Performance Center (HPC) is a health, training, and rehabilitation center serving over 500 clients with two locations in the Triangle. Vardy HPC provides treatment care such as chiropractic care and physical rehab, as well as physical training through cross training and other programs from a highly educated and trained staff.


The Problem

Vardy HPC had become pigeonholed with the public perception that they only offered chiropractic care. The owner Mark Vardy hired M is Good to help change the perception of his brand in the marketplace and with current clientele to increase their market share.

M is Good consultants facilitated a series of extensive interviews with executives and key employees. As part of its primary research, M is Good also conducted a brand audit with Vardy HPC’s customers, and uncovered the following problems and challenges:

• Customers are unclear about the extended services Vardy HPC offers
• Lower than normal engagement from employees
• Low to Average customer service score based on customer feedback
• Fragmented branding and marketing message

The Solution

After facilitating interviews and conducting primary research, M is Good presented its findings with the following recommended solutions:

• Rename the company from Vardy Chiropractic to Vardy Human Performance Center
• Clearly defined vision statement as to where the company was going and why
• Clearly defined core values to showcase what Vardy HPC stands for
• Clearly defined brand promise that effectively communicates the unique benefits
• Clearly defined communication strategy that drives the company’s brand promise

M is Good began crafting a vision statement which exemplified the true “DNA” of the company. Once the vision statement was clearly defined, then in conjunction with the owner and the staff, the core values were crafted to show customers and its employees what Vardy HPC stands for, where it’s going and why.

Based on the customer feedback survey, a brand promise was crafted and refined. From this, M is Good developed a communication strategy that reflected their brand promise to be implemented through their primary touch points.

As part of their communication’s strategy, M is Good developed several social media campaigns and community sponsorship programs that reflected the vision and core values of Vardy HPC to better illustrate what the company stood for and everything they have to offer.

The Results

Today there is a clear vision and solid core value for where the organization is going and why. The vision reflects the owner’s passion for helping everyone achieve their health potential backed by his drive to help no matter what. The communication of the brand promise has been unified through all touch points, included an entire rebrand of colors and images of their facilities. A higher satisfaction of employees and their roles increased the quality of the patient experience.


We maximize everyone’s health potential

Brand Promise

We will help no matter what

Core Values

• We do whatever it takes to help
• We follow up and follow through
• We communicate early and often
• We are on time every time
• We are organized and efficient

After a 6 month evaluation, Vardy HPC reported the following intangibles:

• Increased clarity of company’s brand promise
• Unified and cohesive visual identity across all touch-points
• Increased quality of employee engagement
• Higher customer satisfaction on visits

Over 12 months of integration, Vardy HPC reported the following metrics:

• Increased leads via website & phone by 63%
• Increased total re-bookings by 43%

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