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Since I started the company, I have never really stopped learning, growing, and changing. This sounds great, right – but what does it mean? I was the worst student in high school because I wasn’t ready to learn. When I started the company, my attitude changed because I realized how little I knew. Understanding great messaging and how the psychology of the mind works has brought me to a point where the messaging around Christian organizations doesn’t make sense. People like it simple, and simple moves a person from one step to another. I have learned that top-notch messaging is as simple as the need for a hero and a villain. Messaging that is simple answers the “Why change?” conversation happening in an audience member’s mind. Messaging that is complicated and obligatory like, “People at our church are fully devoted followers of Jesus Christ,” sounds good on paper, but what does it exactly mean? Another example of an ORB (Obligatory Religious Phraseology) is “transforming ministries with a spirit of excellence.” Again, it sounds amazing, but what is transformation? And what is excellence? And who is the judge of that transformation and excellence? Inspire your clients, donors, and first-time guests with the biggest thank you and a world-class experience that resonates with them through simple messaging.

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