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You will not rise to the level of your expectation if you fall to the level of your training. I have worked with many current and former professional athletes, and it seems that the higher level you play or compete, the more detailed you become in your training. From a biblical standpoint, I often think about how Jesus knew He fed 5,000 people. Some scholars have taken it a step further and said Jesus fed 5,000 men, not people in total. That means if women and children were there, He fed over 15,000 hungry mouths! How did they know it was 5,000 or 15,000? Well, the disciples more than likely had to count the crowd. A favorite analogy of mine is, “The devil is in the details.” Training and expectation come down to rigor and discipline. In my experience, working with exceptional versus average ministry leaders and athletes is this: exceptional leaders and athletes surround themselves with people of detail. Vision is critical for where we are going, and the details are the path by which we get there.



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