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Now we are ready to take action!

Whew! Did we really make it through the R7 health assessment? We are now ready to help you learn how to write an action plan. You are probably asking first “what is an action plan” or better yet “how do I write an action plan”?

Before the R7 Health assessment, action is all an organizational leader or executive team knew. In fact, action prior to purpose, vision, and strategy is chaos. Chaos lives on confusion, fear, stress, and anxiety. Interestingly, the logo for chaos is arrows going in every direction.



In fact, we do “Action” so well it has become the identity of the organization. Throughout the years we forget about our identity and purpose and pride ourselves on how fast we can move. When we’re moving this fast we wonder, is time moving faster or are we moving slower? This is a rhetorical question.

The image I see here is a truck with all the power in the world but has no tread on its tires, so it’s just throwing mud everywhere. Have you ever stood behind a truck throwing mud everywhere? It’s overwhelming. From a distance, it looks cool and productive but really it’s just an overwhelming waste of energy.

truck-spinning-messThat was then, but this is now. Because you and your organization have been through the R7 Health Assessment, creating an action plan example starts with vision, strategy, brand, communication, prayer, prayerful thinking and meditation. Action has a foundation. Action has a foundation. Action has meaning. Action behind the action is vision. Action has the “Power of Who” behind it. Action has the Holy Spirit behind it. Action is strategic. The visual image I get when communication action inside of R7 is the sonic boom (I am not talking about the video game character).

sonic-characterI am visualizing the actual airplane sonic boom.

sonic-boom-jet2The sonic boom occurs when an aircraft travels through the air faster than the speed of sound. As the plane passes through the air it creates a series of pressure waves in front of it and behind it, similar to the bow and stern waves created by a boat. These waves travel at the speed of sound, and as the speed of the plane increases, the waves are forced together because they cannot get out of the way of each other. Eventually they merge into a shock wave, which travels at the speed of sound – approximately 760mph (1,225 km/h), as a vapour cone forms behind the aircraft as atmospheric water is condensed.

sonic-boom-jetThe sonic boom is fast and powerful, it has purpose and direction and attracts the attention from the people who visualize it, everyone sees it but the pilot. The one who creates it doesn’t get a chance to see it because they are long gone, because the power of their vision and purpose, their trajectory is in another atmosphere. The action thrusts the visionary into the next realm quickly with flawless execution. There is no glory in the boom for the one who created it but only for those who witness it. Their glory is with their heavenly father.

When your vision is focused, flawless execution power and purpose radiates inside you and around you much like a F-16 traveling at low altitude.

Hopefully by now you are pretty familiar and now know how to write an action planYou can now become the pilot and enjoy the testimonies of people seeing your sonic boom. Sign up for your free R7 Health Assessment today.

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