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How to Prolong the Valley

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As we go through life we experience peaks and valleys. First comes a peak, and then comes a valley. It’s a rhythm that we cannot escape. One of the things that defines and forms our character is what happens to us in the valley. Integrity, perseverance, and grit are deepened as we work to apply rigor to get out. However, if we refuse to limit ourselves to the first few layers of what happens inside of us in the valley and choose to take the deep dive, we’ll find that...
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how to write a compelling vision statement

Cattywampus – How To Write a Compelling Vision Statement

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What Is a Vision Statement? A vision statement is a great place for Satan to sit and wreak havoc and he is certainly doing a good job of it. This is why I use the word cattywampus to describe how the world sees vision statements, mission statements, core values and the mighty brand promise. So if you happen to be confused, tell Satan to get out of your business. I am praying that this article will help you gain some clarity. A vision statement is a vivid idealized description of a...
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