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Summer Vision – Elliott Says…

“My purpose today is to glorify God who has blessed me with my talents and abilities. I will do this by communicating the vision He gave me.” – Elliot from the book Vision Wins

This was Elliott’s biggest struggle: his identity as a hockey player. Remembering that God designed us all uniquely is so powerful. Knowing that He has a purpose beyond our ability to perform makes a difference in the way we live our lives.

Living life to glorify God is the only way to do life. Using the talents that God gave us will glorify Him. Your talents and your passions can be communicated in your vision.

So, communicating this vision will help others see God through you; you’ll have the opportunity to show the Kingdom to people on this earth.
That’s a powerful responsibility, but it’s our duty to do this as disciples in Christ.

Go on a journey with Elliott, Kelly, and Ranger and discover their talents and how they glorify Him with their talents and abilities.

Our visions live within us, but we have to work to discover what future we’re fighting for and use our vision to implement that future.

I am super excited to see your  vision come to life!