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Summer Vision – Elliott Says…

“Vision Always Wins.” – Elliot from the book Vision Wins

Elliott’s journey to realizing his vision and mission through God’s perfect will brought him to this phrase: Vision always wins.

Operating without vision – slandering and condescending – takes you away from being visionary. It also puts you into a fixed mindset and boxes you in. It doesn’t give you a mindset of opportunity and growth.

When you’re stuck in a fixed mindset, it takes some of your mindshare away. You’re stuck, instead of being focused on what you can be, what you aspire to be, and where you’re going.

The fun part of the vision is finding where you’re going and who’s joining you.

Thank you for joining us for Summer Vision and diving deeper into Kelly, Elliott, and JJ’s story.

I am super excited to see your vision come to life!

Our visions live within us, but we have to work to discover what future we’re fighting for and use our vision to implement that future.

I am super excited to see your  vision come to life!