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Summer Vision – Elliott Says…

“Through my tragedy, I have had to pivot on my purpose in life. In fact, I have had to take on the challenge of my will vs. God’s will in my life, and of course, God won.” – Elliot from the book Vision Wins

Elliot realized that if he is fighting between seeing his own will fulfilled or seeing God’s will fulfilled, as we all know God will always win.

In his article Survive or Thrive, author David Jones states he firmly believes that God has and will revive, provide, and deliver. He is sovereign. And when we have a vision coming from Him, He will provide the assets and resources we need to bring that vision to life.

But we have to do our part.
If we trust God’s will and plan for our lives, we will begin to experience and live out our vision, according to His good and perfect will.
Order Vision Wins and learn how Elliott trusted God through his tragedy

Our visions live within us, but we have to work to discover what future we’re fighting for and use our vision to implement that future.

I am super excited to see your  vision come to life!