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Summer Vision – Elliott Says…

“Let’s communicate the vision early and often and then go find a killer team.” – Elliot from the book Vision Wins

Elliott had a killer team on his side. Kelly, JJ, and Ranger were the quality people in his corner. They made sure Elliott communicated his vision at the beginning, and they made sure he executed it.

What’s your vision? When you put together your vision, it’s important to gather a team of people who will support you and your vision unconditionally. They will hold you accountable to make sure you accomplish it.

Equally, it’s so important to communicate your vision early on so everyone understands what your plan is. Communication with your team is so important in order to accomplish the vision you have.

How will you do this? And who will be on your team to provide support and guidance?

Order Vision Wins and learn how Elliott communicated his vision early and often.

Our visions live within us, but we have to work to discover what future we’re fighting for and use our vision to implement that future.

I am super excited to see your  vision come to life!