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Summer Vision – Elliott Says…

“We have to use what God is giving us right now. This is not my plan or your plan. This is His plan. I worked on my plan and look at what it got me!” – Elliot from the book Vision Wins

Taking the time to be present and intentional really makes a difference. When you’re putting yourself first and ignoring the needs of others and the Lord, you’re not going to get anywhere.

Elliott did this, and he wound up losing what he thought was everything. He was so blinded by the work the Lord was doing that right after his accident, he couldn’t see the good that would come out of it. But when he shifted his perspective, he was able to appreciate God’s plan for what it was.

Putting aside what you may want at the moment for God’s plan is so important. You’ll live a much more intentional and fulfilling life.
Order Vision Wins and learn how to execute His plan.

Our visions live within us, but we have to work to discover what future we’re fighting for and use our vision to implement that future.

I am super excited to see your vision come to life!