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What Is a Vision Statement?

Why is it so crucial for your organization to have one? Read the definition and vision statement examples here.

Defining Vision

The very first thing we need to have is a vision. A vision statement is a vivid, idealized description of your desired outcome that inspires, energizes, and helps you create a mental picture of your future.

It’s a short, portable, easy-to-understand, inspiring, memorable, destination-driven statement. It’s your North Star, directing and guiding you towards what you aspire to become.

The vision statement is not tied to the details. That’s why it’s important when crafting one to let your imagination go and dare to dream – and capture your aspirations.

It should be a guiding beacon to everyone in your organization and something that determines your intended direction.

For vision to win and for clarity with where you’re going, your vision needs to exist, to be believed in, and to be communicated. When you work on your vision statement, make sure it’s 7-11 words, no conjunctions, short, portable easy to understand, memorable, inspiring statement.

Inspiring Vision Statement Examples

I’ve been in several meetings over the years, and I always ask about people’s vision. If their answer comes back, “I don’t know,” “it’s on our website,” or “it’s on the back of the pamphlet,” there’s a problem. You don’t have a clear vision!

Having researched many strong vision statements and helped companies develop their own for 19 years, I’m sharing 7 inspiring examples.

  1. Freedom United: To End Slavery
  2. Fellowship of Christian Athletes: Be a Champion for Christ
  3. President Donald Trump: Make America Great Again
  4. President Barack Obama: Change, Yes We Can.
  5. Oxfam: A World Without Poverty
  6. Make-A-Wish: That People Everywhere Will Share the Power of a Wish
  7. Feeding America: A Hunger-Free America

These vision statements all have the qualities for being powerful: short, portable, easy to understand, memorable, and inspiring.

Writing Your Vision Statement

When you think about your vision statement, think about it as a billboard.

Imagine you’re driving 60 miles per hour down the highway, and you’ve been on the road for a couple of hours. After passing hundreds of trees, you look up ahead and see a billboard. It says, “McDonald’s next exit.” The message is simple and clear, so you can quickly understand and process it.

You want your vision to be understood by the people zooming down the highway past a billboard.

As you start working on your vision, know that you might have to go back and rework it several times. That’s okay! Your vision will give you direction to where you’re going, so it’s essential to spend time defining and refining it. As you continue to develop your vision, think about what inspires you and what statement you’d be proud to share with everyone around you.


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