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It’s no secret that we live in an age of information overload when it comes to advertising. Consider that the average American internet user is now exposed to a striking 17,000 ad impressions on a daily basis, as they scroll through social media, watch videos, check email, and go about their digital lives.
Compare this to just 40 years ago, when the average person encountered only 3,000 ad impressions per day, given the lack of internet. That’s nearly a 500% increase in daily advertising exposure over the span of one generation.

Clearly, brands today face a significantly more crowded and competitive environment when trying to connect with consumers. Breaking through the noise requires strategic messaging that truly resonates with target audiences.

Standing Out In The Chaos

With so many brands vying for consumer attention, it’s no longer sufficient to rely on catchy taglines or bold logo designs alone. To stand out in today’s advertising landscape, brands must offer messaging that truly resonates with their target audience. They must be unique, memorable, and convey their purpose and values in a way that builds meaningful connections.

The M is Good Approach

At M is Good, our goal is to help you craft messaging that rises above the noise. We have a proven process that uniquely sets you and your organization up for success. We will find the “tip of the spear” in your messaging. This clarity of purpose and identity enables you to connect meaningfully with your audience amidst the crowded marketing landscape.

But our vision extends beyond effective branding. We want to help you build an organization that creates positive change by aligning with Christ’s teachings and your passion for Him. This isn’t about pushing products. It’s about pulling out the higher vision for your organization and giving it expression through messaging that resonates with your consumers. By articulating your purpose beyond profits, you can foster true connections with consumers who share your values.

Introducing: The Buying Vision

Today, values matter more than ever to consumers. Research shows 60% prefer to purchase from brands whose values align with their own values.

That’s why we’ve introduced the “Buying Vision” approach. This isn’t a marketing gimmick, but a perspective shift. Although we all see our organizations as the hero, we suggest that the actual hero of your brand’s story is your clients, guests, and donors. It’s not about you anymore but about identifying what makes your Christian brand special, and sharing your unique story. Just as Jesus captivated audiences by preaching God’s word, your brand must connect by conveying its meaningful purpose and allowing your consumer to have a VIP experience.

The Buying Vision allows you to articulate your values and mission authentically. This clarity of purpose forges lasting bonds with consumers who share your convictions. In a fragmented world, a higher vision provides connection. A connection that your consumer is starving to experience. Check out our other article “The Power Of Thank You” to learn more about a VIP Experience.

Making Your Brand an Experience

An impactful brand is more than a name or logo – it’s a fully realized persona with a compelling backstory. Today’s consumers seek to connect with brands on a genuine level, not just complete transactions.

This is where the Buying Vision comes in. We help shape your origin narrative in an engaging way that brings your brand persona to life. By tapping into storytelling, we foster authentic connections that turn casual interest into enduring loyalty.

Your brand becomes a captivating protagonist that consumers relate to on a deeper level. We help you craft a story arc that resonates with an audience hungry for substance and meaning, one that conveys your values and purpose rooted in Christ’s teachings. The end goal is not just selling products, but forging connections that touch the heart.

Storytelling That Connects

Our approach goes beyond selling products. It’s about crafting experiences that resonate. We start by understanding what today’s consumers truly desire. Did you know 84% are influenced by user-generated content when making purchases?

Armed with these insights, we identify the genuine value your brand offers. How can you enrich people’s lives in a meaningful way? We then shape this into a compelling journey – one that provides real-world solutions and transforms perspectives.

Why Is Messaging Important?

We invite you to join us on a journey of faith and innovation. For over two decades, we have honed the R7 a God-inspired process to help Christian entrepreneurs worldwide uncover their divine vision.

Through our R7 methodology and Buying Vision approach, we empower you to find your authentic voice and message. Together, we bring to light your brand’s unique, God-given purpose.

Our goal is to help you share this purpose with the world through resonant messaging. By conveying your values with clarity and conviction, you can make a meaningful impact. Your organization becomes a force for good, a vehicle for others to discover God’s wisdom.

Imagine someday hearing the words:  “Well done, good and faithful servant!” This is the journey we want to embark on with you – one of purpose, faith, and vision. Let us help you uncover your God-given voice to create an enduring impact.

Why It Matters to Christian Organization Owners

For Christian organization owners, this isn’t just about organization; it’s about your vision. Embracing Buying Vision allows your brand to convey its God-given values and mission, inviting customers to something greater. By telling an authentic story, your brand becomes a channel for others to experience Christ through your products and services, creating connections that go beyond mere transactions.

What are you waiting for? Buy-In to our Buying Vision!

With the noise and chaos of the advertising world, standing out is more challenging than ever. However, at M is Good, we believe in aligning your messaging with a purpose that resonates with the millennial generation, creating connections that last.

By working with us and our innovative Buying Vision messaging process, you’re not just crafting messaging for a website or email drip, you communicating your God-given vision to the world, you’re making a statement, a difference, and an impact for Christ in a world where faith, values, and community matter more than ever.
Let’s explore your God-given vision together so that your client, donor, 1st-time guest, or customer can jump into your brand’s unique story.

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