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Unleash the Warrior Within. Hear From God’s Voice

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Unleash the Warrior Within. Hear from God’s voice

Holy Spirit Intelligence (HSI), is our individual ability to hear God’s voice and then act on His command. Like a General in the Army, we are soldiers and warriors for the Kingdom of God. Most of us don’t hear an audible voice like a friend, wife, or husband standing in a room next to us telling us what to do. We get a crazy dream that we can’t interpret. Or maybe we hear or see something on TV or the Internet and think, “Is this a coincidence?” and think “Man, that’s really weird.” 


HSI is for everyday Christians. Christians like you and me who want to use our talents and gifts to glorify the Lord. So how do we hear His voice?  Understanding the process of His Holy command and acting as if it’s an order from the Chairman of the highest, most righteous Supreme court in all the universe. Jesus Christ himself is the first step in the process. He is talking to us, but are we actively listening? 


 Active listening for His voice takes time and discernment. Praying and asking God on a daily basis to hear His voice and act on His command takes discipline and rigor. Am I willingly able to give my life and agenda to Him every morning or everyday?  If you have never acted on His voice, it takes faith, confidence, and repetition. Are you willingly able to change your calendar and respond to His voice? How about blessing an organization financially or giving some of your personal resources to them? 


HSI is for normal everyday Christians who are able to discern His voice and act on His command. This is like the FBI and CIA, or top secret officials taking direct orders from the President of the United States, except our President is the Supreme Ruler of the universe with unlimited power over mind, body and spirit. One day, all knees will bow to the Supreme Ruler of the universe, and He doesn’t have a four-year term. He is the ruler, now and forever, the alpha and omega, the beginning and the end. Start hearing His voice and apply rigor to your actions today and become a warrior for the Kingdom of God. Everyday He is always attempting to talk to us. It’s our ability to tap into His daily messages. An HSI warrior can hear His voice daily and act on His command. Understanding and embracing this power is where HSI begins. 


Remember, Jesus Christ places us in the marketplace with God to show His glory through our talents and abilities. Our heavenly father paid the ultimate price for our freedom and liberty. He boldly and courageously died on the Cross for our sins for every generation that will ever live on the planet, including you, your children, and grandchildren. Glorifying Him in your everyday walk by hearing His voice. Start your day by asking to hear His voice and reorganize your time. Transform your mind, body, and spirit to become an HSI Warrior.  



So how do we hear His voice?

 Accepting Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior is the warm-up before embracing HSI. Because we are here to glorify God with our talents and abilities, He is attempting to talk to us everyday. Understanding the process of Holy Spirit Intelligence is critical to hearing His voice. Embracing His voice is like embracing an order from the highest, most righteous supreme authority in all of the universe.  He is talking to us, but are we actively listening? 


 Everyday He is always attempting to talk to us. It’s our ability to tap into His daily messages. An HSI warrior can hear His voice daily and act on His command. Understanding and embracing this power is where HSI begins.


Here is the HSI process:

  1. A passing thought happens. Then, that thought gets parked. 
  2. Someone or something in your waking, walking life reveals that same thought. It’s either verbal or visual.
  3. Keep the thought parked. Pray.
  4. That same thought gets revealed to you by someone or something in a different venue in your waking, walking life. It’s either visual or verbal.
  5. Discern that thought through a Christian mentor(s) and scripture to make sure the action items will glorify the Kingdom of God.
  6. That same thought gets revealed to you by someone or something in a different venue in your waking, walking life. It’s either visual or verbal.
  7. Gas pedal. Now it’s time to take action. Taking action on that thought will take a leap of faith. It will be uncomfortable. Taking action is the first step in an HSI warrior’s life. 




  • How long does it take from step 1 to step 7?

The timetable from step 1 to step 7 may take weeks, months, or sometimes years.

  • How do I start?

Embrace the philosophy that God is trying to communicate with you daily. Then follow steps 1 through 7.

  • Is starting hard?

It’s kind of like a muscle. If you have never used the muscle before, it will become atrophied. So, beginning is tough, but once you hear His voice and act on it, you will get more confident and trust His message to you as a direct message from Him.

  • Does God really talk to people?

Here are few examples out of hundreds of examples in the Bible on how God spoke to His people


  • Gen 3:8 “And they (Adam and Eve) heard the sound of the Lord…”
  • Ex 4:21 “The Lord said to Moses…”
  • Gen 12:1 “Now the Lord said to Abram…”
  • Joshua 1:1 “The Lord spoke to Joshua…”
  • Is 8:1 “Then the Lord said to me (Isaiah)…”
  • Jer 7:1 “The word came to Jeremiah from the Lord…”
  • Jn: 5:30 “I can do nothing on My own initiative, as I hear, I judge…”
  • Acts 11:12 “And the Spirit told me (Peter) to…”
  • Rev 1:10-11 “I (John) was in the Spirit on the Lord’s day, and I hear behind me a loud voice like the sound of a trumpet, saying ‘Write a book what you see…”
  • Heb 12:22, 24-25  “But you have come to Mount Zion and to the city of the living God…and to Jesus, the mediator of a new covenant…See to it that you do not refuse Him who is speaking”
  • Habakkuk 2:1-2 “I will stand on my guard post…And will keep watch and see what He will speak to me…Then the Lord said…Record the vision….”

  • Is there scripture supporting this theory?


John 10:27

“My sheep listen to my voice; I know them, and they follow me.”


John 10:16

“I have other sheep that are not of this sheep pen. I must bring them also. They too will listen to my voice, and there shall be one flock and one shepherd.”


Acts 2: 1-4

“God has always spoken through dreams and visions, and He specifically said that they would come to those upon whom the Holy Spirit is poured out.”


In order to see, we must look. Daniel saw a vision in his mind and said, “I was looking…I kept looking…I kept looking” (Dan. 7:2, 9, 13). As I pray, I look for Jesus, and I watch as He speaks to me, doing and saying the things that are on His heart. Many Christians will find that if they only look, they will see. Jesus is Emmanuel, God with us (Matt. 1:23). It is as simple as that. You can see Christ’s presence with you because Christ is present with you. In fact, the vision may come so easily that you will be tempted to reject it, thinking that it is just you. But if you persist in recording these visions, your doubt will soon be overcome by faith as you recognize that the Almighty God could only birth the contents of these visions.

  • Why do I need a Christian Mentor(s)?


1 Peter 5:8

“The Christian who puts Godly safeguards around him or her need never fear deception, but must be aware of the enemy who prowls like a roaring lion, seeking someone to devour.”


Proverbs 15:22

“Plans fail for lack of counsel, but with many advisers they succeed.”


  • How do I test before I act?


1 John 4:1

Thoughts from our own minds are progressive, with one thought leading to the next, however tangentially. Thoughts from the spirit world are spontaneous. The Hebrew word for true prophecy is naba, which literally means to bubble up, whereas false prophecy is ziyd, which means to boil up. True words from the Lord will bubble up from our innermost being; we don’t need to cook them up ourselves.

  • Test the Fruit


Matthew 7:15-20

What effect do the things you hear have on your soul and your spirit? Words from the Lord will quicken your faith and increase your love, peace and joy. They will stimulate a sense of humility within you as you become more aware of Who God is and who you are. On the other hand, any words you receive that cause you to fear or doubt, bring you into confusion or anxiety, or stroke your ego (especially if you hear something that is “just for you alone – no one else is worthy”), then you must immediately rebuke and reject these as lies of the enemy.

  • Share it with Christian Mentors


Proverbs 11:14

We are members of a Body! A cord of three strands is not easily broken, and God’s intention has always been for us to grow together. Nothing will increase your faith in your ability to hear from God like having it confirmed by two or three other people! Share it with your spouse, your parents, your friends, your elders, your group leader, or even your grown children. You can use them as your sounding board. They don’t need to be perfect or super-spiritual; they just need to love you, be committed to being available to you, have a solid biblical orientation, and most importantly, they must also willingly and easily receive counsel. Avoid the authoritarian who insists that because of their standing in the church or with God, they no longer need to listen to others. Find two or three people and let them confirm that you are hearing from God!

  • Should I pray

Yes. Find a quiet place and still your mind, body, spirit, thoughts, and emotions. You can’t out-pray God. 


Psalm 46:10

Mark 1:35

1 Chronicles 17:16

Hebrews 12:2

Galatians 3:27

  • Who is the best Authority in this area?

There are many great resources: Here are two

  1. Jesus Christ. Read the Bible
  2. Mark and Patti Virkler- Dialogue With God.

I Have a Friend

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I have a friend

I met him when I was 16… I  was hungover and he helped me get thru the night and for abt a week after 

He left and came back to help me when I broke my nose in Cleveland..he was there for a couple of weeks.

It was weird because he just happened to show up in moments of tragedy in my life and then he would leave…looking back 


He was there for me when I was in tragedy


He was there when I broke my nose he was there for me when I was driving drunk when I was 20 years old living in Germany


Looking back he was a world traveler like me. He was there for me in Meadville pa, he was there for me in Ottawa when I got traded, he was there for me in Cleveland, oh. He was there for me in spangdahlem Germany, when my face bounced off a fence when I got checked from behind and blood was pouring out of my mouth and forehead

I realized my friend loved to travel with me and he was there only in moments of tragedy


Today I would like to introduce you to my friend


He is here today…and I am so pumped to introduce you to him


Before I bring him out, I want you to know of some of the other things he has done…because my friend has helped other people too, he is a mentor to many people


My friend….

My friend’s first name is Jesus, his last name is Christ. 


Almost everyone says his name in anger…JESUS CHRIST! Or refers to him in short by CHRIST. 


I don’t see him that way…


It was only a couple of years ago that I realized that my friend Jesus was not just there in moments of tragedy but was always there and that I had low emotional moments with my friends.

You see…… My friend was always there in times when I needed him and I realized  that he wanted something from me and it was a simple task .He wanted me to glorify him with my talents and abilities..


He wanted me to recognize him and honor him and me asking him for something like quick like winning the lottery or fixing my face, or nose moments after the accident or situation  was unfair, rude and perverted


It was grace that I was with him, and that except for the grace of God there go I.

Everyone Needs an Alving

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Building a dynamic team with well-rounded skills is absolutely essential to every business. You may think you need your best friend to be your VP, but what you really need is a loyal man or woman of God who can mine data for you and shoot it to you straight. Friendship can only take you so far in business, and yes-men hardly make revolutionary advisors. It is much more important to have the right people in the right positions to help bring your vision over the finish line. 

The Church is described as a Body with many members in 1 Corinthians 12. Specifically, in verses 22-23, scripture says, “The parts of the body that seem to be weaker are indispensable, and on those parts of the body that we think less honorable we bestow the greater honor, and our unpresentable parts are treated with greater modesty.” It’s easy to get lost in the dazzling eyes of the body and forget the all-important liver just beneath the surface. It’s the same with some of the members of our business teams. While they work behind the scenes, their function is indispensable. 

Positions that have recently shown incredible value on business teams are data specialists. If you don’t have a web developer that is smarter than you, just quit. It will be nearly impossible for you to do your job to the best of your ability without this role being filled with a high-caliber employee. Over the years, M is Good has represented well over 500 organizations from all around the world, and everyone appreciates and respects data. In fact, data has now been categorized by the US Intelligence agencies as a weapon. Data doesn’t lie, it’s multilingual, and has deadly accuracy. If you don’t have someone who can get data from your ads, website, email, add UTM tracking, or install pixels on your device IDs, then pray for someone to walk into your life who can mine this data for you consistently. As studies show, this isn’t a position that’s going away anytime soon.

The Digital Age has come, and it is here to stay. If businesses can’t keep up with technology’s set speed, they will quickly fall behind and become obsolete. Staying fresh and relevant is essential for business. I wonder where Blockbuster might be today if they hadn’t turned down the opportunity to buy Netflix for $50 million. There are probably some ticked-off data specialists still in their Blockbuster blue polos, shaking their heads at their advice falling on deaf ears. However, this is a harrowing example for all business structures. More than ever, these data-extraordinaires stand at the helm of the ship, waiting for the captain’s orders to steer and direct the business through the wild sea. That is if business owners will get behind the curve.

In the coming days, consider how your business is utilizing its data roles. Are there any blind spots, which would keep your business from maintaining its relevance and functionality? Take time to pray over each position your business houses, and ask the Holy Spirit to reveal if you have a team of best friends or the right people for the job. If you find there is any lack of unity, resource, or innovation, God is the ultimate data specialist – ask Him for His insight and direction. 


Signs, Signs, Everywhere There are Signs

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Several years ago, M is Good Founder, I was sitting in on a Bible study. Someone asked the question, “Do miracles still happen?” A silence fell over the room as eyes darted from face to face, awkwardness leaking into the atmosphere, leaving no one to answer the question. I was thoroughly astonished by the question and the lack of response from those around me. Breaking through the symphony of crickets, I piped up, “Miracles happen every second of every day.” There is no doubt that God is alive and well. He is in control of your life, every second of every day. The question is, are you available mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually to hear His voice?

God is constantly sending us signs for what we should do next in our mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual lives. However, it is our own personal responsibility to action the message God is sending out. In Isaiah 38:7, the prophet by the same name proclaimed this message to the Israelites, “This shall be the sign to you from the LORD, that the LORD will do this thing that He has promised.” God has an incredible follow-through, and He always keeps His promises. Why then are we so quick to doubt these signs and follow our own next course of action? 

C.S. Lewis once said, “Free will, though it makes evil possible, also makes possible any love or goodness or joy worth having.” God isn’t in the business of controlling His children. After all, that wouldn’t be in line with the character we know God the Father to have. All of God’s promises are fully available for us at this very moment – we simply have to make the choice to receive. We aren’t victims to our circumstances; Romans 8:37 reminds us that we are more than conquerors through Him who loved us. Making ourselves willing and available is the secret recipe for God to grow our capacity to see, hear, and connect with Him deeper. 

Honestly, it all boils down to relationships. A personal relationship with Jesus Christ brings love and transformation like no other. Salvation itself is the greatest miracle we will ever experience. Don’t allow familiar Christian jargon to dull the brilliant miracle of salvation: our individual resurrections from death to life! When we keep this truth in the front of our minds, hearts, and spirits, it is much easier to connect with God out of a relationship and not religion. Religion will be the first to slap some more scales on your eyelids. Yet, Jesus comes to rub mud on your eyes and help you see crystal clear once again.

God’s fingerprints are all over this world – it’s not difficult to find Him. What holds us back from the radical love and relationship of Jesus is the posture of our hearts. Do you seek after a posture with open hands – ready to receive, wholeheartedly, what God wants to show you? Or are you trying with all your might to plug up your ears, shut your eyes, and sing, “la, la, la,” all day long? Regardless of where you’re at personally at this moment, God is where He always has been – where He always will be. God the Father desires to have a deep, meaningful relationship with you: all you have to do is take His hand and keep an eye out for His signs.

The Organization is No Longer the Hero: The Client, Donor, or First-Time Guest is the Hero – and You are Their Guide

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Picture this: you’re going on a first date tonight. You’re a little nervous, and you’ve picked are re-picked an outfit just about twenty times. You’ve talked a bit with your date before tonight, and it’s left you with a generous amount of hope. As you walk into the restaurant, you’re a little nervous, but you’re far more concentrated on keeping your cool and not tripping over your own two feet. You lock eyes amid busy waiters and waitresses, waltz over to the table, taking your seat across a brilliant smile. However, the evening quickly takes a nosedive. Past the initial pleasantries, your date begins delving into topics much too serious for a first date: wedding catering, mortgage rates, even baby names for your children. As you can imagine, any chance of a second date is dead in the water.

Slow and steady wins the race. Much like you don’t sprint a marathon or bring up baby names on a first date, prospecting is invaluable to finding your business’ pace in wooing clients. Prospecting can be difficult and expensive, but the payoff is incomparable. You will never get desired clients to buy into the vision of your tribe if you don’t take the time to “date” them first. And if you rush into things too quickly, you may show yourself to be too presumptuous or scare them off before a beautiful partnership can be planted. 

If you haven’t read anything from Donald Miller, now is the time. Many of his books reflect upon the finesse of shaping business relationships. Much like any other partnership, business relationships require selflessness and intentional pursuit. If organizations want to be truly successful in their business relationships, they must no longer view themselves as the hero. Once the client, donor, or first-time guest makes the transition into the role of hero, the organization is in a better position to guide instead of absorbing. 

For example, putting a donate button on the home page and expecting a donation is not a big enough effort on the organization’s part. It’s about as cheap of an attempt to court as prostitution. It’s a stark contrast, but it comes from the same root. Shortcuts may make a journey quicker to travel, but if you are traveling that road alone, it’s pretty pointless. Likewise, the client must be motivated and taken on the journey of the business’ vision. Otherwise, the organization will be traveling a very lonely road.

  Where do you find yourself on your business’ journey? Are you traveling with a close pack of clients or are you on your own wandering aimlessly? Take time to look at your pursuit strategies with your clients. Are there areas where you could pursue your clients more intentionally or be more attentive? Reflect upon past wins, client testimonials, and investigate which areas need to be fine-tuned or switched up entirely. And above all, lean into God as the ultimate Guide who directs your steps, and trust Him as He leads you in leading others. 


People Over Money

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Fire is an essential part of survival. It warms a home, gathers community, and provides comfort and safety during the bitter, cold winter nights. However, one displaced flame from the fireplace, and you have a massive problem. Even the flicker from an unattended candle can cause a devastating house fire – robbing memories and potentially life itself. This shouldn’t mean we fear a good weenie roast or smores bonfire – it simply means there is a greater demand of responsibility when it comes to such value. Yet, the value itself isn’t found within the blaze but within the people gathered around it for warmth, connection, and love. 

Money is a lot like fire. To completely refute it is absolutely ludicrous because it is such a major tool in all of our lives. The problem comes when a disproportionate amount of value comes upon the tool itself and not the purpose it’s used for. Money is used for everyday survival, generosity, and to lavish those we care for. On the flip side, money is also used for more insidious purposes, which enable greed, abuse, self-seeking gain, and dishonesty, to name a few. 1 Timothy 6:10 doesn’t sugarcoat it, “For the love of money is a root of all kinds of evils.” The biggest takeaway from this scripture is the love of money is the root of all evil, not money itself. Money is purely a tool, and in order to hold it well, we must constantly keep our hands and hearts in check.

Money may keep the lights on, but it’s the people who fill a space and give it purpose, meaning, and life. The tight-knit relationships our company maintains with our clients have always been of more value than how much revenue we generate or profit. Creating a VIP Experience, especially with new clients, and focusing on creating instant and consistent value has always been a top priority. Joseph Prince once said, “Use money and love people. Don’t love money and use people.” Wow! What an incredible sentiment. It always comes back to people – that’s one of the most significant elements to our call as Christians (i.e. The Great Commission). At M is Good, we believe and seek this principle out full-heartedly. We truly care about the problems our clients face and believe we can provide the solution they’re looking for. 

Patrick Lencioni’s book, Getting Naked, is an incredible aid within this concept and is chocked full of wisdom. The premise of this work centers around vulnerability and providing service to a clientele that goes beyond the typical threshold of trust and loyalty of most companies. The key is complete transparency in combating fears, which tend to result in the wavering allegiance of the client. Transparent vulnerability is a massive weapon against greed and the love of money. It establishes confidence within business ventures and lets the client know they themselves are the priority, not just the business they bring to the table. 

The greatest command we are given is, “‘Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind and with all your strength.’ The second is this: ‘Love your neighbor as yourself,’” (Mark 12:30-31). Stewardship and honor are vital to this instruction. Stewardship of people, their business, and their money – in the honoring ways we would want ourselves, our business, our money to be handled. When we use money and love people, we can truly make the healthy business partnerships we desire to cultivate.

Celebration is a Choice

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There is nothing like the elation of a child. Like a kid on Christmas morning isn’t a saying for no reason. The squeals, the tiny, shaking hands, the jumping about, the tears of utter joy that of no short supply. I don’t know too many adults who completely lose themselves to excitement anymore. Where did we lose the gift of celebration? Was it stolen as we grew in our sleep, bones growing beyond childlike wonder? The shimmer of excitement dimmed through the lens of maturity. In the hustle and bustle of adulthood, celebration can easily make a home on the backburner. More important priorities are dubbed, and celebration doesn’t come off the top shelf until absolutely necessary: weddings, new jobs, babies are some of the big hitters.

But life would be so incredibly dull if we didn’t celebrate – the big and small! It’s a true art form, which generates directly from the vein of gratitude and thanksgiving. When we view everything as a gift, everything becomes much easier to celebrate. You got front row parking? PARTY! The plant you’ve been trying to keep alive for the past two months is still alive, well, and only slightly struggling? AMAZING! Your one coworker who seems to do overtime checking and rechecking your work compliments you on a job well done? POP THE CHAMPAGNE! There is something new to relish each day – it just depends on your willingness to look for it. Appreciating and valuing these precious moments in life is a choice.

Luke 15 is a whole chapter of the lost being found, but it is also one of great celebration; each example raises the ante – lost sheep, lost coin, lost son. We first meet a shepherd who is devastated at the loss of his one sheep. One out of ninety-nine, those are pretty good odds – surely he could stand to be one fluffy head short? However, that is not how our loving – maybe even reckless – shepherd sees it. He leaves the rest of the herd, goes after the one, and rejoices when he finds his lost sheep, laying it on his shoulders, and invites all of his friends to celebrate with him (Luke 15:5-6)! Imagine having a buddy invite you to a party, just to tell you he found a sheep. Now that would make for one interesting party!

Moving right along, past the jokes, we meet a woman who lost a coin. Refusing to shrug her shoulders and tick off the next item on her to-do list, she sweeps her house and seeks diligently until she finds it. And when she finds it, she also gathers her crew to celebrate her valuable find. I know I would personally love to be invited to a swanky dinner party every time a friend found a dollar in their pocket. 

And finally, we have the Parable of the Prodigal Son. In a nutshell: there is a man with two sons. One wishes his father dead to his face, asks for his inheritance early, gets the heck out of dodge, parties it up BIG time, squanders his inheritance, winds up living amongst pigs in squalor, and has a brilliant idea to go home and beg his father to take him in as a hired worker. Yet, we read in Luke 15:20, “But while [the son] was still a long way off, his father saw him and felt compassion, and ran and embraced him and kissed him.” The father then invites the whole town to celebrate his lost son returning home.

Each of these stories centers around something, or someone, lost. However, the role of the seeker is the secret star of the show. After all, the value of what was lost is hinged upon the seeker’s choice and determination to find. Without value, a lost sheep is a wandering animal, a lost coin is a cut loss, and a lost son is a lost cause. So, as we go about our day, week, and month, let’s take time to celebrate the amazing miracles that happen every day. Be thankful for the ability to breathe, walk, and talk. Take a moment before you jump into your car in the morning to go to work by taking a look around at the sky and trees and say, “Thank You, Jesus! Thank You for the opportunity to serve You, and thank You for this moment in time. When we take the time to be thankful it actually lowers our stress levels, creates awareness and empathy for our vision and everyone around us. An attitude of gratitude puts us in a power channel and allows us to be calm-centered, vision-focused, and most importantly, inspires us to be the person God has called us to become.

You Don’t Have to Win All the Moments, Just the Big Ones

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We live in a society obsessed with being right, getting to the destination fastest, and sticking the landing on the first go. Error translates into shame and is a weakness that must never darken your doorstep. The problem with this ideology is it misses the invaluable lessons that come from detours along the way. It would be amazing if our discernment came with a foolproof GPS, but apparently, that design didn’t please the good Lord too much. Jon Bloom writes, “God places a higher priority on our being transformed than our being informed.” A direct path is easier and seemingly more efficient. However, what if the missed turn fifteen miles back would have better prepared you for future navigation? Hindsight is always 20/20 and a great teacher but can become crippling when it becomes a heavy suitcase instead of a stamp in our passport.

Detours aren’t a possibility on our journeys – they’re a guarantee. The quicker we learn to say I was wrong, I’m sorry, I don’t know or even refrain from saying anything at all, the quicker we will be able to transition through detours. A couple of years ago, I worked at a summer camp, and each week the counselors would take the campers on a hike. I would always hang out in the back, taking in the beautiful scenery and helping with the stragglers. Without fail, almost every hike had middle school and high school students ranting and raving about the length of the hike; they were tired, they felt nervous by the unfamiliar surroundings, or they were simply ready to be done. It was challenging hiking with these despondent troopers because as much as I encouraged and wanted them to enjoy the adventure, I couldn’t adjust their experience. 

The same principles apply to business. With so many choices to make in a day, making the most right decision can feel overwhelming. Stress and pressure tend to mount when you find yourself in a leadership position, and all eyes are on you. However, the good news is: you don’t have to win all the moments, just the big ones. Don’t get lost in the pursuit of getting it right at all costs. You don’t have to die on every hill with the right decisions. It’s okay to A/B test, say that you are wrong, or that you don’t know the answer. This doesn’t disqualify you from being a leader – it’s actually what makes you a great one. God wants to teach us through experience, trust Him, and enjoy what He has to teach us in the in-betweens. If we merely traveled in a linear motion, we would never be challenged to become the dynamic people God has called us to be.

At the end of the day: what is most important is never losing sight of the vision. As long as you have your eye on the compass, you know you will find your way – no matter the twists and turns en route to the destination. Let Romans 8:28 encourage you,And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love Him, who have been called according to His purpose.” Ultimately, if you’re on your way somewhere, you’re in the right place. And don’t freak out when you get to the fork in the road that’s been on the horizon for miles – God will lead you to where you need to be.


Identity is Not In a Trophy

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If you were ever an athlete or merely attended a local high school, you know trophy cases. Trophy cases aren’t ones to be kept in the back next to the janitor’s closet. They demand attention, respect, and admiration for the legacy of winning. Victory is the name of the game: mausoleums reflecting youthful grins, forever frozen in time, covered with sweat and grit. Success preserved – should you forget. However, as beautiful, shiny, and transparent as the glass cases of magnificence are, there is certainly a weight to be shouldered.

Athletes fly through the air with the strength of a linebacker and the grace of a ballerina. Excellence pumps through their veins because of their inexhaustible sheer love of the game. They sacrifice time with friends and family, are disciplined to spend extra time on academia, and push their physical boundaries in the name of realized potential. There is nothing more devastating than a promising athlete being taken out of the game too soon.

Bones snap, muscles tear, and medical conditions are dealt. Every athlete knows it only takes one wrong move – even in the tiniest of missteps – to hear the final buzzer. And once it’s all over, the silence, the free time, the limitation is deafening. So many athletes struggle tremendously after hanging up their jersey for the last time – whether of their own volition or through gritted teeth. Purpose seems to slip through the fingers of these once conquerors of the field. Mortality tastes acidic when you’ve savored the flavor of the remarkable. 

Such a transition is heartbreaking, no matter the circumstances. However, it is a million times more painful when you have a distorted view of identity. “Athlete” is a title, much like “Accountant,” “Barista,” “CFO,” “Friend,” and “Mom.” The danger starts to eviscerate when we turn these roles into our nametags. If what we do is more important than who we are, we will be torn from the inside out when life inevitably comes knocking at our door – ready to knock us down. This looks like doubt, anxiety, stress and in some cases cancer. Speaking from personal experience: there is nothing more painful than disillusioned identity, for it has the ability to skew your perception and impact your entire experience. The enemy will go first after your identity over anything else. Convincing you you are anything other than a child of God is the jugular shot, and he is mercilessly ruthless.

In Matthew 3:17, after Jesus is baptized by John the Baptist, Jesus’ identity is firmly established, and the audible voice of God reigns down on the feathers of a dove, “ This is my beloved Son, with whom I am well pleased.” IMMEDIATELY after this public proclamation, “Jesus was led up by the Spirit into the wilderness to be tempted by the devil,” (Matthew 4:1). The first thing out of Satan’s mouth is, “If you are the Son of God…” this is a direct attack on Jesus’ identity (Matthew 4:3)! Can you imagine attempting to make the Son of God forget His Sonship – and with whom God was well pleased to boot? The devil has gumption, but he’s not very crafty. He threw the same things at Jesus that he throws at us to question who we truly are. Yet, Jesus doesn’t entertain the enemy’s lies. He stands firm, doesn’t waver, and sends the devil on his way. You see, the wildernesses, the temptation, the heartbreak, the sports injuries we go through are purposeful to further establish our identity in God the Father.

Ephesians 3:20, “[He] is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine, according to His power that is at work within us,” is my favorite scripture and promise of God because of the incredible work God can do through us! What we do is important, and our wins should be celebrated! Just as there’s nothing like a sore loser, it’s almost worse to have someone who can’t celebrate their personal wins. The key is allowing God to be the captain and power working within you. As humans, we can only do so much. We can conjure incredible sports plays, weave beautiful sonnets, but we cannot begin to grasp eternity’s reach – unless we are tapped into the Supernatural Source Himself. All of heaven is cheering you on!

This Means War

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Ladies and Gentlemen, this means war. Starting a business or ministry is hard, and I am thankful I did it when I was younger because it consumed me… well, it still consumes me but on different levels. When I first started I had no time for anything else in my life, resulting in a laser focus on my business for the first five years. When new clients start a Christian product or ministry, I like to be upfront and tell them that they will get slaughtered emotionally, mentally, spiritually, and financially. If at the end of the day we feel like God is calling us to do it – after being aware of the fight we are about to begin – we should do it. Then we must get ready for the ride, and make sure we’re suited up and ready for battle.

War isn’t pretty, and the enemy sure isn’t playing fair. Businesses who are seeking after the Kingdom have a special contention around them because they have the potential to impact eternities. The devil will do anything to rob the destiny of our businesses, so as we start up our business, remember, every day will be a fight. The good news is we have all the weapons and strategies we need for this battle. Ephesians 6 inspires its readers like a classic war movie, with the consistent message to stand firm and rely on God’s mighty power. 


“Stand firm then, with the belt of truth buckled around your waist, with the breastplate of righteousness in place, and with your feet fitted with the readiness that comes from the gospel of peace. In addition to all this, take up the shield of faith, with which you can extinguish all the flaming arrows of the evil one. Take the helmet of salvation and the sword of the Spirit, which is the word of God.” – Ephesians 6:14-17


I have learned over the years that getting battle-ready means prayerfully considering how I am going to react to the world around me. After all, life is 10% of what happens to us and 90% of how we react to it. I love being mentally prepared and preparing for adversity, especially when the world is front-loaded with fear, doubt, anxiety, and stress. 

It might sound strange, but getting in the habit of emotionally putting on the armor of God every morning by asking the Lord how we are going to kick Satan in the teeth today will prepare you for exponential growth. I love to plan a process- both literally and spiritually. Putting on the armor of God means asking how am I impacting the Kingdom today with inspiration and empowerment? What is one thing you can discern the enemy wants to throw at you in this season? Cover these questions with prayer, ask for God’s guidance, wisdom, and strength to stand firm against the enemy’s schemes. Prayer is powerful and has the ability to change things, yet we so often don’t utilize this weapon to its fullest capacity. 

Today let’s pray bold and audacious prayers. It’s far too easy to play things safe and relies purely on our own strength. Remember fear and faith cannot coexist! God is inviting us today to step into greater gifting of faith – If our dreams, goals, business aspirations do not scare us, they probably aren’t big enough. With God in the commanding seat of our war room and our armor tightly fastened, we are ready for the road ahead of us. God won’t lead us anywhere He can’t sustain us. Be strong, courageous, and ready for the adventure of a lifetime – it’s waiting for you. Let’s win big with the vision God has called us to accomplish so that we can hear the words, “Well done, good and faithful servant.”