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I have a friend

I met him when I was 16… I  was hungover and he helped me get thru the night and for abt a week after 

He left and came back to help me when I broke my nose in Cleveland..he was there for a couple of weeks.

It was weird because he just happened to show up in moments of tragedy in my life and then he would leave…looking back 


He was there for me when I was in tragedy


He was there when I broke my nose he was there for me when I was driving drunk when I was 20 years old living in Germany


Looking back he was a world traveler like me. He was there for me in Meadville pa, he was there for me in Ottawa when I got traded, he was there for me in Cleveland, oh. He was there for me in spangdahlem Germany, when my face bounced off a fence when I got checked from behind and blood was pouring out of my mouth and forehead

I realized my friend loved to travel with me and he was there only in moments of tragedy


Today I would like to introduce you to my friend


He is here today…and I am so pumped to introduce you to him


Before I bring him out, I want you to know of some of the other things he has done…because my friend has helped other people too, he is a mentor to many people


My friend….

My friend’s first name is Jesus, his last name is Christ. 


Almost everyone says his name in anger…JESUS CHRIST! Or refers to him in short by CHRIST. 


I don’t see him that way…


It was only a couple of years ago that I realized that my friend Jesus was not just there in moments of tragedy but was always there and that I had low emotional moments with my friends.

You see…… My friend was always there in times when I needed him and I realized  that he wanted something from me and it was a simple task .He wanted me to glorify him with my talents and abilities..


He wanted me to recognize him and honor him and me asking him for something like quick like winning the lottery or fixing my face, or nose moments after the accident or situation  was unfair, rude and perverted


It was grace that I was with him, and that except for the grace of God there go I.