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When it comes to our lives, we all want to know that we are on the right path. Sometimes, it can be difficult to determine God’s plan for our lives. With this being said, sometimes it’s as if we need God himself to come down from Heaven and sit at our side to intervene.  Receiving vision and having vision is literally for everyone. Our visions are based on the purpose and calling God has on our lives. But how do we know what visions we have are God-driven versus our own will. Now that’s the loaded question. Experiencing God’s intervention can be a life-changing experience, and can help you live your life according to His will. So, let’s explore divine vision, and some of the different kinds of ways they come to us, to be interpreted. 

First, to understand vision and how God has placed them in us, it’s important to examine and understand our personal levels of Holy Spirit Intelligence (HSI). HSI is our individual ability to hear God’s voice and then act on His command. But how do we understand and interpret when we aren’t sure it’s God’s voice we are hearing? How do we even determine it is God when initially it just seems like an idea?

When God placed each of us on this earth, He did it with purpose. There is nothing that God does, that isn’t strategic and calculated. In fact, everything we go through in life is intentional and sometimes is what feeds us purpose even when we aren’t in the position to receive it. Knowing this means you understand that sometimes when God sends us through the fire or into the valley, he does it because there’s a lesson behind the pain he needs us to grasp and grow from to fulfill our God-given assignments. 

What are the different kinds of visions we encounter and how do we identify them?

Well, there are 8 types of vision and 6 of them are spiritual. So let’s examine each of them and what they entail. 

Dreams & Visions at Night 

Sometimes when God is trying to get our attention he may orchestrate getting his word and will to us through our dreams. Kind of like he did Paul in Acts 16….he gave him the dream that he needed to move on to Macedonian. Had Paul not adhered to God’s word given in that dream, what could have been the consequences?

Trance Vision 

This kind of vision revolves around symbolic meanings and messages sent to you by God. When God feels like you’re so distracted with life and He can’t get to you, he may send symbolic messages. For example, have you noticed you’ve been seeing vultures or red robbins lately? Well, maybe it’s just a vulture or a robin or maybe….it’s God.

Vision Casting 

Vision Casting is simply being able to see outside of ourselves with a spiritual eye. It’s all about having the ability to see the spiritual world with the spiritual eye. Not too many people outside of the clergy have this ability but it is a strong God-given ability.

Spontaneous Visions 

This is one of the most common forms of vision God ordains. With spontaneous visions, they can happen anytime, and any place at the most random times. Ever experienced driving home and dozing off into “la la land?” Randomly you may see gentle images come to mind creating gentle mental pictures. These are examples of spontaneous visions.

  • Open Eyes Vision

Open eye vision is the kind of vision that requires the eyes of the heart to be opened by the spirit of God in order to clearly hear and see His vision. Most times it is experienced during worship or prayer. This requires a certain thirst for God expecting him to fill us with vision and revelation. 

Eyesight Vision 

Eyesight vision is simple. It’s the one vision we all experience and don’t have to question because it is simply just seeing in the natural. Obviously, this is one of the two kinds of visions that aren’t spiritual. 

Seers Vision 

Seer’s vision was solely for the prophets of God’s word. This kind of vision would come to the people of God who saw in the spiritual world, the vision of the all mighty God. After God sent His son to die for us and returned to Heaven, he made Jesus our intercessor so that now, we call on Him to trust and communicate what the father wants for us. 

Vision Statement 

This is your vision going from your mind to pen and paper. Once God has artistically and spiritually drawn something into your heart, it’s the time to write it out and make it clear.b God instructs us in Habakkuk 2 to write out our visions and make them clear and easy to read for anyone who may read them. This kind of vision requires work unlike the others BUT is that not worth the desires of your heart?

All of these things require a season of sitting in God’s waiting room, and opening up our third eye (your spiritual eye). If you are coming to your wit’s end with that 9-5, or desperately seeking a new, clear direction for a new season, I urge you to check in with yourself and see if God has been calling on you through one of these methods of vision.

 It’s time to set aside some time to disconnect from the world and plug into the kingdom.

It’s your season…Don’t miss God’s clues. Your vision depends on them.