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 Who Moved My Cheese?

Like you, I have been praying for the country, my family, and my business. I have been thinking about our clients here, and M is Good. Some will do well in this down market; others need to pivot on their promise and messaging.

Who Moved My Cheese & Change

The book Who Moved My Cheese has dropped into my spirit this week and last week. If you haven’t read the book, it’s a great book with four characters: Hem, Haw, Sniff, and Scurry. These characters have to find cheese in a large, twisting maze. The cheese gets moved from day to day, and they must constantly change and adapt. As you can imagine, Sniff and Scurry survive and thrive in the environment, whereas Hem and Haw do not. 

The Lessons Learned

  1. Change Happens
  2. Anticipate Change
  3. Monitor Change
  4. Adapt to Change Quickly
  5. Change
  6. Enjoy Change

Opportunities In Change

As the leader of a Christian Ad Agency for the past 20 years, here is what I see. Organizational leaders that can change and adapt to “Servicing Small” will win, and they will win big! 

Right now, we are being forced to change our expectations, we don’t know how long it will last, but it’s going to be hard to go back to “big” because trust and connection will be so good at the servicing small level. 

Over the past two decades, we were slowly being pushed into small is better, now we are being shoved off a cliff, with no choice. Organizations that will thrive will reset their organizational expectations and promises. When they reset and deliver on those expectations and promises, this tribe of people will love them for a lifetime, become ravings fans, and will be loyal. 

Loyalty, connection, and trust will turn into strong interpersonal relationships, and a high trust environment will exist. If you pivot, become engaged, and have empathy, your tribe will feel loved, appreciated, and valued. Broadcast media was already dead. Now it has been completely buried 100 feet underground. The words “large and big” are socially taboo, and in the coming weeks, it will not get better. Organizations that can engage, connect, build strong interpersonal relationships, and navigate small groups are going to thrive. 

Vision During Change

I want to encourage you to stay true to your vision, get as granular as you can with your vision, re-evaluate your expectations, change your messaging, and deliver on your promises and deliver them well.

Your vision has not changed, but your tactics and venue on how you will accomplish your vision have changed. Let’s win and “Service Small” together. I would love to experience victory with you and your organizational leaders. What we do now will have a lasting impact in the coming weeks and months. If you need to pivot, let’s do it.

Winning By Serving Small

So how do we win with our vision and “Service Small” new brand promise? Here are some examples of how organizations are already doing it:

  • Amazon: same day or next day delivery
  • Jimmy Johns: freaky fast delivery, no lines, no wait, no contact (pick up, curbside or drive-thru)
  • Carvana: buy and sell your cars online, get delivered to your door
  • White Street Brewery: drive up beer
  • Liberty University: online education with exceptional service

And finally, I have been thinking and praying about every current client we have (over 50 of them), and there isn’t a single one that can’t thrive in this market. You can thrive too. Let’s chat about pivoting and changing your messaging today. Don’t be like Hem and Haw.


Most universities are already online, Liberty has exceptional service, and they back it up by managing 100,000 students online. They have invested significant amounts of time and money to deliver on “exceptional service”. For them, it’s all about user experience with quality education and they are leading with  messaging “We the Champions.”


My heart is full this morning. That’s the only word that I know how to use to describe what I’m feeling…full of hope, full of excitement…very alive – today is kind of like its own little freedom adventure. I love it! I’m looking forward to more days with a heart full of purpose and destiny.

Debbie Vosburgh

My time with Dave Jones clarified and crystallized my purpose and mission in life, allowing me to quit wasting time on "good" projects and instead spend my life in the "sweet spot" of my passion and purpose!

Rick Green

I have more focus with all my passions - serving the community. I’m able to communicate what I'm here to do, and it's been great because I don't have to waste my time doing things that are not necessary for me.

Jackie Omotosho

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