Vardy HPC

Vision statement:
We thrive on helping hockey and lacrosse families build their future today.

Mission Statements:

  • We have the best in store experience on the planet.
  • We properly fit everyone who walk through our door.
  • We will supply you with the right equipment for the your ability and budget.
  • We grow hockey by helping families stay safe.
  • We live in a world without limitations.
  • We love a good challenge, in fact we thrive on it.

Core Values:

  • Always look for opportunities to serve customers.
  • We always think of the future 1st.
  • We get to know ALL of our customers.
  • We go the extra mile in every situation.
  • We love to point people in the right direction.
  • Every customer walking through our door is family.
  • Every customer gets custom fitted.
  • We love to share great family stories.
Vardy HPC