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A Digital Marketing Strategy is the plan of action. Benjamin Franklin once said “If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail.” Lets re-read this one more time. Benjamin Franklin once said “If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail.”

Let that sink in before reading the next words. We can wait.

Ok, moving on. There are countless digital marketing strategy plans, consultants, coaches and planners who have different philosophies on the strategic management process and brand strategy consulting. This includes quarterly plans, bi-annual plans, annual plans, and 3-5 year projections. The R7 Health assessment has adopted a collaborative philosophy and approach to strategy. Our philosophy is simple, develop a plan that is baked in vision, prayer, purpose and trust. A digital marketing strategy that works, is a strategy that all team members can agree on and execute. A spirit of unity. The R7 strategic approach is based upon purpose, vision, and trust not activity, formal education, skills, and job titles. A strategy that works is focused on team members executing the plan on a daily, weekly, monthly basis. A strategy that works is a collaborative organic plan. This plan can be a weekly, monthly, quarterly or bi-annual projection but also must be executed on a daily, weekly, monthly basis and it should be grounded in purpose, vision and trust.

Before an organization executes a digital marketing strategy, the purpose and vision should have clarity, clear communication and deep levels of trust established. Clarity and Chaos are not related, and can’t coexist. If there is clarity there is no chaos, and if there is chaos and confusion there is no clarity. Managing chaos is not putting out fires, managing chaos means confronting the core issue(s). The organizational core issue(s) for chaos is clarity in the vision, and organizational trust. As a seasoned marketing firm, we understand good and bad messaging. One of my favorite client relations stories comes from a client in Australia.

After a long flight to Raleigh from Sydney, Australia with many meetings throughout the week, the client looks us directly in the eye and says this marketing piece is turd rolled in glitter, it is a piece of crap that sparkles! We laughed and enjoyed the moment, and later began to analyze their words of wisdom. Rolling a turd in glitter, is a turd in glitter. We realized flushing the turd is the best remedy for clean air. Understanding content and rewriting the content based upon the vision is bringing in fresh air. Having trust and an authentic relationship with the client is inspiring, and collaborative. The shock of an Aussie calling our work sparkling crap was priceless. Going back to the client and asking vision level questions was collaborative and fun.

Understanding the why of the organization, and building the strategy and creative aspects from the why is a strategy that organizational leaders, clients, and employees can trust. Taking a step back takes time, builds trust and is the right strategic move. When trust is high the cost of producing and communicating to clients and employees are low and the speed by which the organization produces and communicates is fast. Conversely, when trust is low the cost of producing and communicating to clients and employees are high and the speed by which the organization produces and communicates is slow. According to Gallup only 10% of the United States employees trust management and only 1% of the global workforces trust management.

In summary, R7 strategy has a foundation of purpose, vision, and trust. Executing a digital marketing strategy based upon vision and trust allows the organization to be more profitable. Emotional and physical profitability with the client and employee engagement, eliminates high degrees of miscommunication and chaos, increases the bottom line, and increases the quality of the conversation. Remember chaos and clarity cannot coexist in an organizational setting. The R7 Health assessment will allow the organizational leader the opportunity to evaluate organizational strategy. The R7 Health assessment assesses an employees temperament with anonymity and gives the organizational leader the proper tools to help the organization grow into a more healthy Christian organization.

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