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Summer Vision – JJ Says…

“When you don’t have a plan to win, you plan to lose.” – JJ from the book “Vision Wins”

Arguably one of the most influential characters in “Vision Wins”, JJ the Zamboni driver, talks to Elliott about having a plan to win and the importance of recognizing your vision.

Once you’ve found your vision, you need to make a plan to implement a mission and see your vision out! That’s how you plan to win.

“Vision Wins” author David Jones believes that, “Saying ‘I don’t have a vision is not true, its a lie from the devil himself. The real truth is you bring value to the world. You empower people with your words; you are an influencer in the marketplace. You do have a vision.”

Walk with Elliott through his hockey journey and his “plan to win” so that you can begin creating your own. Remember, if you don’t have a plan to win, you are planning to lose!

Get your copy of “Vision Wins” today and learn how to plan to win and live out your life with purpose and vision.

I am super excited to see your vision come to life!