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M is Good has developed a new tool birthed from decades of experience working within organizations of all sizes and types in developing internal and external marketing and branding initiatives.

This assessment tool is inspired by Harvard Business Review, Gallup Research, Speed of Trust, and the Bible. Therefore, the assessment takes a Christian holistic view of the entire organization, going beyond measuring personalities and behaviors.

While most personality or behaviour assessment tools assume a targeted approach, the R7 assessment takes a holistic approach to an organization, and exposes specific “gaps” that need to be addressed. These areas range from employee engagement and trust, to effective vision, strategy development, brand, communication, motivation, and execution.

Once the results are in and the scorecard is analyzed, time and money can be better spent on managing the gaps and not trouble-shooting using a one-size fits all assessment. We’ve found while working with leaders and organizations, some will benefit from cultural or behavioural enhancement while others have specific issues in executing a strategy that effectively lines up with their vision.

In our experience, CEOs and leaders want a big picture of where they need to focus their attention, and once that’s highlighted, we can apply the right amount of rigor to achieve the right results at the right time.

Most of us are aware of CBS’s hit reality show and emmy nominated series, Undercover Boss, where a CEO goes deep undercover and spends weeks seeing things from an employee’s perspective, experiencing how they interact with their clients, and work with others.

Like UnderCover Boss, this R7 health assessment tool allows CEOs to experience the employees perspective, without being invasive or confrontational. It allows the organizational leader the opportunity to gather data and quickly identify gaps in the organization’s vision, strategy, brand and communication. It gives leaders an insider’s perspective on how employees, customers, and donors perceive the organization and their ability to communicate vision and strategy from the inside out.

The R7 health assessment is a strategic assessment tool that uses quantified data to quantify the potential gaps in your organizational purpose, vision, strategy, brand, and communication. This is the 1st assessment tool that looks at how your employees, clients, and customers perceive the executive team’s ability to communicate the organizational vision, strategy, and from the overall purpose from a Biblical perspective.

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