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The Potential of Influencer Marketing in the Christian Sphere and How to Harness it for Your Brand

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In the contemporary marketing landscape, influencer marketing has emerged as a compelling tool for Christian brands seeking to engage new audiences and establish genuine connections with consumers. By collaborating with Christian influencers, brands can reach out to their dedicated followers and utilize their influence to market their goods and services. This article discusses the potential of influencer marketing in the Christian sphere and how to harness it for your brand, with a special focus on the significance of personalized content in this unique marketing approach.

The Potential of Influencer Marketing within the Christian Sphere

Influencer marketing, particularly within the Christian sphere, involves partnering with individuals who have an extensive and engaged following on social media platforms. These influencers, through their faith-based content and expertise, have built a devout fanbase in the Christian niche. By collaborating with these Christian influencers, your brand can access a new audience and build credibility with potential customers.

Here are some of the ways influencer marketing can be a potent tool for your Christian brand:

Reaching New Audiences in the Christian Community

Christian influencers have dedicated followers who trust their views and opinions. By collaborating with a Christian influencer, you can connect with their audience and reach new potential customers who may not have discovered your brand previously.

Establishing Trust and Authenticity within the Christian Sphere

Christian influencers are renowned for their authenticity and reliability. Collaborating with such an influencer helps you tap into their authenticity, fostering trust with their audience. This is incredibly important for brands targeting Christian audiences who value authenticity and are often wary of conventional advertising methods.

Enhancing Brand Awareness and Perception among Christians

By collaborating with a Christian influencer, you can augment your brand’s awareness and perception within the Christian community. Influencers can help paint a positive image of your brand and promote your products authentically and engagingly, thereby enhancing customer loyalty and driving sales.

Boosting Social Media Engagement within the Christian Community

Christian influencers are adept at creating engaging content that resonates with their audience. By collaborating with an influencer, you can tap into their expertise and generate content that is more likely to be shared and engaged with on social media.

Harnessing Influencer Marketing for Your Christian Brand

Here are the steps to utilize influencer marketing for your Christian brand:

Define Your Goals and Objectives

Before initiating an influencer marketing campaign, identify your goals and objectives. These may include amplifying brand awareness, driving sales, or fostering customer loyalty. Once you’ve identified your goals, you can start looking for the right Christian influencers to collaborate with.

Identify the Right Christian Influencers

When scouting for influencers, consider more than their follower count. Focus on finding influencers who have a devout and engaged following within the Christian community. Look at their engagement rates, the quality of their content, and the demographics of their audience.

Develop a Strategy

After identifying the right influencers, you can formulate a strategy for your influencer marketing campaign. This might involve creating custom content, hosting a social media contest, or offering exclusive discounts to the influencer’s audience.

Track and Measure Results

Like any marketing campaign, tracking and measuring your results is vital. This allows you to identify what’s working well and what requires tweaking. Monitor metrics like engagement rates, click-through rates, and conversions to assess your campaign’s performance.

The Significance of Personalized Content in Christian Influencer Marketing

Personalized content plays a critical role in Christian influencer marketing. By crafting personalized content that addresses the influencer’s audience directly, you can boost engagement and drive sales. Here are a few ways to utilize personalized content in Christian influencer marketing:

Custom Content Creation

Crafting custom content for each influencer ensures the content is tailored to their audience and resonates with them. This can include blog posts, social media posts, and videos that are created specifically for the influencer’s platform and Christian audience.

Personalized Promotions and Discounts

Offering personalized promotions and discounts to the influencer’s audience can encourage them to make a purchase. This can include exclusive discount codes, free shipping, or limited-time offers that align with Christian values and holidays.

Targeted Product Recommendations

Christian influencers can also provide targeted product recommendations to their audience based on their faith-based interests and preferences. By providing personalized recommendations, influencers can help their audience discover products that are relevant to their faith, thereby increasing the chances of a purchase.

Personalized Messaging

Lastly, personalized messaging can be used to connect with the influencer’s audience on a deeper, more personal level. This can include responding to comments and messages, as well as engaging with the influencer’s Christian audience on social media.


Influencer marketing, particularly within the Christian sphere, is a powerful tool for brands aiming to reach new audiences and build trust with potential customers. By partnering with Christian influencers, brands can reach out to their faithful followers and leverage their influence to promote their goods and services. However, the importance of personalized content in Christian influencer marketing cannot be overstated. By crafting content that is tailored to the influencer’s Christian audience, providing personalized recommendations, and offering faith-aligned promotions, brands can improve engagement and drive sales. As influencer marketing continues to evolve, we anticipate more exciting opportunities for personalized content within this unique sphere.


How to Write Great Social Media Content

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The hardest part of my job is figuring out what to say. As a social media manager, I have to find fresh things to share and communicate multiple times a day for multiple clients and each day begins with a blank slate.

Through the years, and some good mentoring, I’ve put together some basic concepts that I run through for each client so that slate isn’t so blank each day. I know why I’m posting, I know my goals, I know how to communicate on each platform, and now I just have to figure out what today’s message is going to be. My goal with this article is to help you find out what you want to say and how you want to say it for each social post.

If you can nail down these few basic concepts, it makes content creation a lot easier.

The Basics of Social Media

If you own a business (or work in marketing) and you’re searching for “How to Write Good Social Posts”, you are likely:

  1. Looking for a post for a business for the first time

  2. Looking to improve your social posts for a business.

If you’re posting for the first time or looking to improve, it always helps to go back to the basics. Even though most of us have had personal social media accounts for a long time, it’s essential to remember that social media is exactly what the name implies… simply a means of connecting people with each other.

The center of it all isn’t ads or arguments, but human connection. Obviously, it’s rich with opportunities to make money, but people don’t log into their accounts every day wondering who they’re going to throw money at that day. They are looking for connections to real people.

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Because of this, the purpose of social media – human connection – posts need to be phrased more conversationally. Think fewer billboard ads and novels and more postcards and letters.

Limited words, less formal format, packed with information and feeling. These conversations could be the way a boss would speak with an employee, a colleague would speak with a colleague or a friend with a friend.

Imagine who you’re talking to and how formal your voice needs to be. Each post will start out one-sided, but we always want those listening to respond and join in.

That’s what engagement is all about.


Ask yourself, why does your company need to be active on social media? You’ll need to answer that question before you proceed. In fact, a good marketing agency will have a slew of questions helping to define your brand and goals on social media.

The program we use here helps define a mission and vision statement that leads right into what personality the company will have on social media along with what measurable goals they can set to know if their social media is succeeding. Some of these goals may be purchases, donations, impressions, engagement, shares, or likes.

Keep in mind that some goals may be less measurable. Sometimes people only check a business’ social media page because they want to know that they can trust them or they want to feel familiar with a person before hiring him or her.

You’ll be able to measure these better if you ask your clients how they found and chose you. Sit down with your agent or at your computer and think about what you’ll get for all your hard work if you invest your time in social media (and how much time is worth it). Reassess this quarterly.

A whole article could be written on this, and many have been.


  1. Most people in your audience have a very short attention span and little time.  They scan social posts and stop when they are interested.  It’s your job to grab their attention, get them to stop, keep reading, and go where you direct them (click a link, watch a video, follow you, etc.).
    • Images are crucial.  If you are using a link, what image does it automatically pull up when you draft the post?  If using a video, what’s the thumbnail?  Can you change it?  Is your image too basic or unclear? Do you LIKE looking at it?  Does it create a feeling in you?
    • Your first sentence is the reason they will keep reading.  Without that, you have nothing.  This has to tug at their emotions or wake up their curiosity in some way.  Check character limits for your platform (for example, Instagram will probably cut off after your first sentence, and now the reader will need to click to read more).  It should interact with the image in some way so that you’re giving just enough information for them to want more.  If you’re using a platform that auto generates links, what text is it showing?  Does your text compliment that?
  2. You want to stack the rest of your text in the same way, most attention-grabbing at the top, with deeper reading below.  Prioritize and always imagine they are reading it slightly distracted.  First, grab their attention. Second, say what’s most important. Third, give more details (if needed).  Always pay attention to each platform and at what point a viewer needs to click “read more” so you can focus on those introductory words.
  3. Don’t ask too much of your audience.  We want them to enjoy your posts and follow you.  Would you enjoy talking to a friend who literally always asked you for money or compliments every time you called? Space those asks out to every 4th or 5th post.
  4.  Think about diversity.  Your audience is bound to surprise you. If you think that your only audience is people who look like you, are your age and gender, and are from the same country of origin, then you are seriously limiting your reach.  We are a Christian agency, and all of our clients are Christians who love people of all backgrounds, but we still have to be very vigilant.  Have we only been posting photos of people who look like us because that’s what we’re familiar with and it came naturally?  If we want our audience to relate to us and feel a sense of belonging with us, we have to do better.  We must keep this thinking prominently in our creative process.
  5. Look at your feed as a whole: after 10-15 posts do you think people get a sense of who you are and what you offer?  Make sure you are regularly posting the different aspects of your organization, so each new visitor gets a sense of who you are and that you are trustworthy.


The key to all this is to simply keep in mind that you are talking to real people. These real people could probably use your service or product in their lives and all that you need to do is make that connection with them.

Think of them as friends, neighbors, and colleagues, and that personal connection will come through in each post.

While social media can be a simple concept, making the most of each post, engagement, and social media ads, and analytics do best when handled by a professional.

When you get there, feel free to reach out to us at M is Good. We’d love to help in any way we can.


At M is Good, we work on behalf of our clients and pivot when necessary in the world of Social Media. As one of the better performing marketing agencies in the RTP area, we strive to make sure that our client’s social media strategies and content align well with not only their own core values and vision but as well as having cohesive branding and material that makes sense when we are running other marketing campaigns around specific topics and seasons.

We encourage you, and every small business owner and customer alike, to share this information and work with us or your own internal marketing team to develop a social media marketing plan to address the future of where you see your business in 5 years and strive hard to set and meet goals along the way.

If you wish to learn more about M is Good in general or if you have any questions for us feel free to send us a contact form at We look forward to speaking with you and offering any advice we can to help fellow business owners.

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Well Done, my Good and Faithful Servant

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We’re a marketing agency, but we’re more than that. 

We’re dreamers, partners, thinkers, and doers, with a driving passion for supporting you and your God-given vision and mission. We are a solution for people who want to live out their calling from God. 

We believe that what we do together is more powerful than what we do alone.

Proverbs 15:22 says without counsel plans fail, but with many advisors, they succeed. 

So, what does that mean? 

Yes, we know how to message, design, build, and optimize your site –  we’ve got it handled. Our focus isn’t just on profit and clarifying your company’s goal and strategy. We dig deeper. We look to the root of your purpose, vision, and strategy. 

We look at your calling, your passion, and your vision. Just like you, we have a calling from God. A passion to see the Kingdom of God grow. 

You have a vision laid on your heart, a vision for a better tomorrow, but you’re not quite sure how to make it all happen. 

At the end of the day, we have the same mission: 

we all want to hear the words “well done, my good and faithful servant.” 

You’re reading this with a vision in your heart of how the world could be a better place and you want to communicate your vision to the world. You desire to fulfill your God-given calling and feel fulfilled by purpose but are unsure of how to get there.

We have the solution: 


M is Good developed the R7 process to help organizational leaders and entrepreneurs with their path to “well done my good and faithful servant”. 

We start by helping you discover your destiny and define your vision for your future. With a clear vision, we can build a plan together. The work doesn’t stop with the map we created – we’ll continue to think, adapt, and innovate so that your vision is always moving forward.

Our focus during the R7 process is communicating your vision and creating a powerful strategy for your brand and organizational culture. 

Your vision and passion is your destination, and R7 is the vehicle that carries you there. It gives you the fastest route to cover the distance. 

The steps of R7 will combat the indecision, frustration, and exhaustion you’re experiencing. Giving you the direction to act on your God-given calling. 

R7 is the path

Through the R7 process, we help you find the tip of the spear for your vision and streamline it into an efficient strategy. 

With a strong and Christ-centered strategy, you can grow your organization and serve God. 

So ultimately we can all hear, “Well done, my good and faithful servant.”

Click the button below to learn more about r7.


R7 Health Assessment

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M is Good has developed a new tool birthed from decades of experience working within organizations of all sizes and types in developing internal and external marketing and branding initiatives.

This assessment tool is inspired by Harvard Business Review, Gallup Research, Speed of Trust, and the Bible. Therefore, the assessment takes a Christian holistic view of the entire organization, going beyond measuring personalities and behaviors.

While most personality or behaviour assessment tools assume a targeted approach, the R7 assessment takes a holistic approach to an organization, and exposes specific “gaps” that need to be addressed. These areas range from employee engagement and trust, to effective vision, strategy development, brand, communication, motivation, and execution.

Once the results are in and the scorecard is analyzed, time and money can be better spent on managing the gaps and not trouble-shooting using a one-size fits all assessment. We’ve found while working with leaders and organizations, some will benefit from cultural or behavioural enhancement while others have specific issues in executing a strategy that effectively lines up with their vision.

In our experience, CEOs and leaders want a big picture of where they need to focus their attention, and once that’s highlighted, we can apply the right amount of rigor to achieve the right results at the right time.

Most of us are aware of CBS’s hit reality show and emmy nominated series, Undercover Boss, where a CEO goes deep undercover and spends weeks seeing things from an employee’s perspective, experiencing how they interact with their clients, and work with others.

Like UnderCover Boss, this R7 health assessment tool allows CEOs to experience the employees perspective, without being invasive or confrontational. It allows the organizational leader the opportunity to gather data and quickly identify gaps in the organization’s vision, strategy, brand and communication. It gives leaders an insider’s perspective on how employees, customers, and donors perceive the organization and their ability to communicate vision and strategy from the inside out.

The R7 health assessment is a strategic assessment tool that uses quantified data to quantify the potential gaps in your organizational purpose, vision, strategy, brand, and communication. This is the 1st assessment tool that looks at how your employees, clients, and customers perceive the executive team’s ability to communicate the organizational vision, strategy, and from the overall purpose from a Biblical perspective.

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