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How To Create An Action Plan

By | R7
Now we are ready to take action! Whew! Did we really make it through the R7 health assessment? We are now ready to help you learn how to write an action plan. You are probably asking first “what is an action plan” or better yet "how do I write an action plan"? Before the R7 Health assessment, action is all an organizational leader or executive team knew. In fact, action prior to purpose, vision, and strategy is chaos. Chaos lives on confusion, fear, stress, and anxiety. Interestingly, the logo for chaos is arrows...
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how to write a compelling vision statement

Cattywampus – How To Write a Compelling Vision Statement

By | culture
What Is a Vision Statement? A vision statement is a great place for Satan to sit and wreak havoc and he is certainly doing a good job of it. This is why I use the word cattywampus to describe how the world sees vision statements, mission statements, core values and the mighty brand promise. So if you happen to be confused, tell Satan to get out of your business. I am praying that this article will help you gain some clarity. A vision statement is a vivid idealized description of a...
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